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How to choose the right varifocals for you?

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How to choose the right varifocals for you?

If you’re thinking of getting new glasses, and you wear or are thinking of starting to wear varifocal glasses, you want to make sure you get a pair that you love. Of course, finding the right frame is really important, but today we’re going to help you understand why choosing the right lens is just as important.

Why is the right lens important?

Most people assume that as long as you get glasses made to your prescription, you’ll have 20/20 vision and everything will be fine. Of course this is true, to an extent; the prescription corrects your vision, or at least part of it. But believe it or not, you could have several pairs of glasses made to the same prescription, with different lenses in, and all would be different to look through.

This is something that comes as a surprise to most people! And it’s easy to understand why; glasses have become a commodity and with so much advertising around, most high street opticians focus on price. They focus on price because old technology lenses are very cheap to manufacture and the margins are high.

But everyone appreciates that different industries use lens technologies to improve their imaging, from photographers with their different camera lenses to shooters using different scopes. If you look at the picture quality on a 10 year old TV compared with the latest T.V’s, you would notice a huge difference. Why should it be different for spectacle lenses?

So, how can the lens affect your vision?

Actually, every aspect of your sight is affected by your choice of lens, from the clarity of your distance vision, to the comfort of your close vision, and much more. This is where your optician comes in. You want an optician who is passionate about their job and is familiar with as many technologies as possible and is capable of understanding you as a person. There are far too many permutations, depending on your lifestyle, your prescription and more, to list every option for every individual here. But we’ll use an example.

Here at The Spectacle Factory, we use special iPad software to simulate how your vision will be looking through different kinds of lenses with your prescription. I put in a moderate prescription and took a couple of screenshots of some text to show you how significant the difference can be:

You can see that it’s possible to read with both types of lenses, and that’s what the prescription alone gives you. But the vision in one lens is much more natural, meaning an individual wearing that type of lens could probably read for longer periods whilst still feeling relaxed. Because the text is more consistent across the lens, wearing those glasses would require less movement of the neck, which is going to be a lot more comfortable.

This is one of many variables that are affected by the choice of lens. There are so many aspects that can be improved, from night vision to computer vision to even golf vision. And because we scour the world for the best lens innovations, we can help find the perfect lens to give you the best vision possible.

So, you’ve got your prescription, and you’ve chosen the best type of lens for you. Finished? Almost… there’s one last thing to consider:

The way you’re measured is really important.

Within your varifocal glasses, there are different sections to allow you to see at different distances. Therefore it’s crucial that the different parts of the lens are aligned with where you’re going to be looking through. But when you think about it, there’s lots of things that affect how you look through your glasses. Your posture, the frames you’ve chosen, and much more. The most sophisticated way of assessing these things is a device called the iTerminal 2 by Zeiss, which you can read about here

So that’s it! The 3 steps to getting the best vision possible with varifocals. You can find a simplified outline of the 3 steps here If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01772 312213 and ask to speak to one of our friendly lens consultants. You can ask to speak to myself if you like. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and maybe it opened your eyes (pun intended).

Update: check out our video guide to choosing the best varifocals for you



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