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Mike Holmes

Although I live in the South of England, I chose The Spectacle Factory in Preston for my golfing glasses because they seemed to have a much better grasp, than other opticians I visited, of the unique vision requirements for golf and how to design glasses to meet them.

I have recently received the glasses and I am delighted with their performance on the golf course. I find it much easier, than before, to follow the ball, particularly in low light, whilst also being able to read the scorecard and gps.

In particular, I have been very impressed with the excellent technical knowledge, professionalism and customer service, which I have received from Robert Sands, who is so clearly passionate about what he does.

It is a reflection of how pleased I am that I subsequently ordered new lenses for my everyday glasses from him, despite the geographic separation.

I would recommend The Spectacle Factory to anyone looking for new glasses.

Jiten Patel

A couple of years’ ago, I developed eye migraine related issues. I would get migraine type symptoms from mobile phones, tablets, computer screens, and indoor lighting. My GP, numerous opticians, neurologists and a neuro ophthalmologist, struggled to help, (other than some offering medication).

I made a chance call to the Spectacle Factory, Rob answered the phone, and with confidence offered me a few solutions, it actually sounded too good to be true! I went see Rob, and was immediately greeted with great customer service, honesty and friendliness, this was demonstrated by all the staff, at all times. The attention to detail and choice of frames on offer are of the highest level too.

It goes without saying, I highly recommend the Spectacle factory, it is a hidden gem in this world of mainstream opticians.

Over a period of 2 years, Rob and I worked closely on trialling various lense technologies, until, we found the best solution. Throughout the trial, Rob was very professional and patient, more like a friend than an optician. It speaks volumes of Rob, to go beyond what I’d expect from an Optician to completing a thorough trial, with no extra gain for him. I cannot thank Rob and his team enough for going to great lengths to help me.

Hilary Fisher

My granddaughter had been suffering with headaches at school for months and it was just getting unbearable. We tried talking to the doctor and another optician and no one was really listening to her when she said she felt it was the intensity of the light that was causing her pain. I rang The Spectacle Factory feeling desperate for a solution and the moment Robert answered the phone he understood what she was saying and reassured us that the problem could be resolved. We went down the same day.

The customer service was outstanding… it felt like nothing was too much trouble. Robert was very kind and gentle which gave her the confidence to explain how she felt, he listened carefully to her and suggested the options available.

He advised as to the most suitable lenses and helped her choose a frame …there was no rush even though it was the end of the day. I am delighted to say the glasses were ready the very next day and she put them on … the headache was gone before we got home! It’s been a few days now and she hasn’t had a headache at school! Amazing! We can’t thank you enough! THANK YOU!

Mr Stephen Moore

I visited the spectacle factory to see what glasses they would recommend for me, not only the style but the product (lenses) that would suite my lifestyle and work requirements. After 90 mins of deliberation Rob and Ruth recommended vari-focal lenses, my prescription is complex as I am short and long sighted and require prisms. My old glasses were Bi-focals and I use a laptop for long hours, I often had a stiff / sore neck after prolonged use. Was the extra cost worth it? Was it just sales talk? I took the plunge, initial thoughts were ooh what have I bought, there was a slight delay for my eyes to focus as I changed my view!!

After a week of use; my thoughts had turned to – these are amazing, definitely worth the extra, eyes adjusted, so easy to live with.

No more stiff neck using the laptop / computer. I was sceptical but now I would not go back to bi-focals.

Mr John Stevenson

I got my first spectacles when I was 13. I am now 79. A white coated nurse arrived at school with cards with various sized letters on. She said could I see the bottom; I could only do this had she turned round, but I had misinterpreted the question. No I couldn’t and was despatched to another optician in a room at the back of the local chemist; she had the same alphabet but more hi-tech equipment. So it is important to check children’s vision. I remember walking home and discovered bricks had cracks in them and all sorts of detail I had never seen before.

I suppose I have had 7 or so opticians; a few of whom were patients at my dental practise (the largest in the town by a long way). So I have been dealing with the public at large on medical matters (now retired). I also was a lecturer at University Medical School and Senior Examiner at The Royal College of Surgeons of England (London).

I saw, a couple of years ago a chef I knew vaguely on TV wearing what I thought were very striking specs. I found out the make from him (Tag Heuer). But trailing round many opticians at home and Manchester no one had ever heard of them. I saw an advert for The Spectacle Factory and they were listed as one of their stock ranges! All opticians I had ever been to just did the test competently then one chose from some limited ranges of frames.

The Spectacle Factory is so to speak spectacularly streets ahead of any optician I have ever encountered.

When my son and I first went we had recent prescriptions but we were still being quizzed, analysed and processed 2 hours later. I have never experienced such probing analytical questions; no hurry at all and as much coffee as you want. They have a much more holistic approach and from the moment you enter you are in a totally different type of opticians. You sense a great friendliness and interest with an expertise I have never encountered before. Quite different from the indifference of the other large opticians, who are throughout the country, with this ‘take it or leave it’ approach and much poorer staff.

Nothing is too much trouble at The Spectacle Factory and the perseverance of questions goes on relentlessly for as long as it takes. They really make you feel you are the most important person alive and they embrace your treatment and analyse exactly what is required with amazing skill and diligence. We were shown quite a few videos from various spectacle manufacturers showing how, say, slight in the lens translate into fields of view and different types of lateral and vertical coverage. But none of this is in any way talking ‘down’ to you. Everything is fully explained in unbelievable easy to understand language. I have never in my life experienced an optician’s service like it. It is quite unbelievable with terrific direction and no small points omitted. Very, very perceptive questions and the patient’s answers analysed and considered with great expertise and I found a lot more knowledge, including availability of a vast range of frames, that I had never heard of.

So The Spectacle Factory is absolutely streets ahead of any optical service I have encountered. People who know me, I should say, know that I never say anything I don’t mean. I have since (and my lady) had eye tests and being of advanced years this was at no cost. We were over 2 ½ hours with 2 tests and choice of frames and lenses. Again great care of explaining matters to consider with slight differences in frames. As I say the questioning and investigation verbally is almost devastatingly probing and detailed. The range of frames is also huge and fitting meticulous. We/I have never experienced in 65 years a quality of professionalism, kindness, concern and friendliness. I just could not consider returning to some of the opticians in my home town."

There’s such a deep seated interest in getting every aspect spot on, and if it takes time, so be it; there has never been any sense of pressure to finish the consultation and examinations. Quite amazing.

Henry Marro

I should like to thank The Spectacle Factory for the very professional service provided not only for my new Golf Glasses but also the unsolicited Zeiss lenses provided and fitted to my Reykjavik frames.

In the very short period of time I have been wearing the Golf Glasses to play golf, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Firstly for the greatly improved contrast ratio, especially when using a driver off the Tee, making it far easier to follow the ball into the distance, as the ball is far more visible against the background.

Secondly and far more importantly for myself, the big improvement in my putting accuracy, resulting from the fact that there is now no distortion to the alinement of putter face to hole, which there is with normal Varifocal lenses. This is saving me at least 1 stroke per hole.

Paul Fletcher

Thanks for sorting my specs, I had really uncomfortable pair previously. Your comprehensive, personal and professional service delivered a great solution. The sunglasses are also awesome, they work well, look great with a compelling story behind the brand.

Louise Pendlebury

Thanks Robert. At my last visit, Robert asked me to let him know if my new lens are suitable. Could you please let him know that they are great and thank him for his care and attention.

I’m not usually a person who gives feedback but after my experience with you I want to let others know how good you are.

I have worn glasses for 35 years and because of the shape of my nose I have never been able to find frames that have fitted correctly. Following recent surgery to remove a cataract my prescription changed and I needed new lenses. Yet again, I began a search to find frames that fit and found the Spectacle Factory on line and came along thinking I would be leaving disappointed.

I explained my problem to Robert who recommended a ‘W bridge’ frame, this is a rimless frame without nose pads, the bridge of the glasses sits directly on my nose and the frame fit perfectly. Robert recommended the more expensive Zeiss lenses as the most suitable, I ordered the glasses and left very happy.

I collected my glasses but unfortunately found the lenses were not suitable so I returned to discuss the issues with Robert who was very patient and identified the problem. Without hesitation, he said new lenses were needed and ordered new Zeiss lenses at no additional cost to me. I now have my glasses with the new lenses and they are perfect.

I can at last wear glasses without feeling conscious of wearing badly fitting frames and have been complimented several times on how much the glasses suit me.

I visited on four occasions and each time I was made very welcome, treated with care and respect and always offered a cup of tea. Your customer care is outstanding, you listen and treat everyone individually and spend as much time as needed with every customer. I will certainly be returning to you and have recommended you to family and friends.

Anne Collingridge

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I drove in the dark – and wet and foul weather – for the first time last night since I got my Zeiss Drivesafe glasses from you a few months ago, and I have to say they have, as you promised, made a huge difference.

There is no need for me to avoid driving at night any more. Everything is much clearer and I find I can look in the mirrors without worrying about being blinded and unable to focus on the road ahead again.

Thank you so much for your recommendations. Expensive but worth every penny.

Paul van de Rooy

My thoughts and observations on my new Flair spectacles: I am a person who knows what I want. I dislike it when people are in-flexable. I dislike the “computer says no” attitude. I love Innovation. I like to think we can achieve things through thought, improvisation and good design. These are the reasons I like the staff and attitude of the people at The Spectacle Factory.

The belief that every customer is an individual and the fact that you strive for customer satisfaction. The fact you make me feel valued as a customer and i am not just another person with unusual or awkward requests or ideas. I have visited many opticians and been disappointed with badly fitting glasses or being “bullied” in to accepting a product i was not 100% happy with.

The Spectacle factory does not compromise on what an individual wants. You push the boundaries of customer service to achieve the aims of the customer, offering guidance and support unlike no other place i have been to.

The Flair glasses I have purchased feel, much like yourselves, innovative, well designed and leave me with a feeling that i have received a quality product.

I like the idea of making the lenses wider to accommodate my facial features.

The option on the lenses to custom build my perfect pair of glasses, and the quality of the frames with the no screws and special hinge design, that will give me years of reliable use, with minimal maintenance.

Anybody who has any doubts about this should see some of the “horrors” i have had to put up with before finding you guys.

Fr Bob Halshaw

Having worn glasses from the age of 7 and now being 53, I have had some considerable experience of opticians!

Having travelled the world extensively and lived for differing periods of time in different parts of the world, I have also experienced Opticians in many countries too.

I can say, without any reservation that the standard of service I have received in all these places, is as nothing compared to the Spectacle Factory.

Janice and Frank Malley

We discovered the Spectacle Factory about four years ago and have been coming ever since for eye tests and new glasses.

We have been dramatically impressed by the quality of service, friendly, knowledgeable staff and by the impression that nothing is too much trouble to ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

As we both have complicated prescriptions, we used to find that the high street opticians didn’t quite understand our needs, so we really appreciated the personal service that the Spectacle Factory provides.

As well as meticulous eye tests, we find that the way the staff at the Spectacle Factory make sure that we are never palmed off with unsuitable frames and that the frames and lenses match the function that we have specified, eg sports, indoor use etc. We both need several different pairs of glasses for different purposes and the staff go to no end of trouble to ensure that we get what we need.

We are impressed by the use of the latest technology when it comes to measuring and fitting both frames and lenses, something we have never encountered anywhere else. This really makes a difference to the finished product.

Other nice touches are plenty of parking outside the shop, a welcoming cup of coffee and a friendly chat whenever we visit.

We can’t speak too highly of the Spectacle Factory and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it anyone who appreciates high quality glasses.

J F Rey frames

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