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Golf Sunglasses in Bolton

The Spectacle Factory has a thousand frames for prescription and non-prescription glasses including golf sunglasses in Bolton. What, you may wonder, is the difference between my everyday sunglasses and golf sunglasses? After all, your aim is to keep the sun out of your eyes and any pair of sunglasses can do that, right? Well, no, because a good pair of sunglasses do so much more. Start with protection from dangerous UV rays. If you play golf three times a week during your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s you may not able to play during your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Without proper eye protection, UV rays damage your eyes and one result can be macular degeneration which steals your vision.

Through your childhood and teen years you probably were not wearing protective lenses in the pool, at the beach and on the baseball field. All the more reason to wear, in Bolton, golf sunglasses now. The lenses in golf sunglasses need to give you the best vision clarity ever. You can’t afford fuzzy edges on the fairway. You won’t get that with cheap sunglasses from the petrol station. Golf sunglasses need to block glare more than sunlight for your best vision. The lenses in our golf sunglasses are treated to reduce glare not light. You won’t play well if it’s dark as night through your glasses. A little tint and anti-glare gives you the clearest vision in bright sunshine. Your golf glasses should be custom fitted so they stay put and feel light.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your game start with golf sunglasses in Bolton from The Spectacle Factory. We carry stylish Nike brand golf sunglasses that are the technological breakthrough your game needs. These sunglasses are the finest bit of equipment you’ll find anywhere for vision that is sharp and clear. We think you will see the course better than you ever have before. Contact The Spectacle Factory and let us show you how we make custom sunglasses that are comfortable, fit perfectly, clarify vision, protect and smashing good looking. It could be the best move you can make to finally lower your score. They cost more than cheap sunglasses off the rack but then your set of clubs is proof you don’t skimp when it comes to golf.

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