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Same Day Glasses in Merseyside, Convenient and Efficient

Same day glasses in Merseyside is a real thing. It can be done without sacrificing a thorough eye exam or proper fitting. Same day glasses are standard at The Spectacle Factory. No, there’s no extra charge. Our eye health clinic is set up as a state of the art facility that is all-inclusive. We move out of the ordinary into the extraordinary for every step starting with the eye exam. We use the latest technology proven to enhance the accuracy of your prescription. You will need to plan on about an hour and a half for your comprehensive exam. However, you’ll still get your glasses the same day. We offer a wide selection of frames from which to choose; about 1200 actually. We have budget frames, designer frames and some we just think are cool. You might think so too.

Our facility is equipped with an up to date lab for making lenses. That’s why, in Merseyside, same day glasses are almost always possible. The technicians use only the best materials that will provide the greatest clarity along with your fine-tuned prescription. We want you to know that providing glasses while you wait does not mean the glasses are of secondary quality. On the contrary, our objective is that every one of our clients leave our premises able to see better than they ever have before. We want to provide excellent customer service and our on-site lab makes that possible. Other Optometrist practices have to send your prescription to an off-site lab. You could be waiting for a week to ten days or more for your glasses. That’s just not our style. 

We provide same day glasses in Merseyside because most people need their new glasses the same day. We have a state of the art fitting centre staffed by trained technicians. Their job is to use the newest technology to make sure your glasses are a perfect fit for your face and posture. You are probably used to a staff member setting the glasses on your face and asking you ‘how does that feel?’ You end up going through your day with people trying to straighten your glasses for you. If you like the way we do things, contact us and schedule an appointment. If at any time you need glasses repaired, we can do that the same day too. We have our own repair lab on site.  


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