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Crafting Precision: The Process of Creating Your Custom Lenses

A person wearing Custom Zeiss Lenses

Hi, I'm Calum, lens technician at The Spectacle Factory, and I'm here to talk about what truly sets us apart in the world of eyewear. See, it's not just about giving you better vision; it's about crafting glasses so tailor-made, they feel like they were born just for you. You can meet me with the rest of the team in this video:

It’s all down to two pieces of equipment that give us superpowers in the realm of eyewear and custom lenses. My Job is to ensure that the Glasses gets processed, Ordered, manufactured, Glazed and Produced to the highest of standards to guarantee that you receive your order as soon as possible with 0 faults.

Let's talk about how we trace your frame first. Our Tracer isn't your run-of-the-mill tracing tool; it's a precision instrument that allows me to capture and edit lens designs down to the tiniest detail.

And when it comes to lens cutting, our edger takes centre stage. This beast of a machine doesn't just cut your custom lenses; it sculpts them with surgical precision, turning a circular chunk of plastic into bespoke masterpieces that redefine the very idea of eyewear. With customisable bevelling options and intuitive controls, I can fine-tune each lens to match your unique style and visual needs, leaving you with glasses that not only look good but feel like an extension of yourself.

Our State of the art lens tracing and edging machine

Here are some of the custom Cartier lens shapes I have cut in our in-house lab:

So, if you're tired of settling for basic eyewear, come pay us a visit at The Spectacle Factory.


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