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Eye Test in Tarleton – Safe, Professional, the Best You’ve Ever Had

An eye test in Tarleton remains an essential part of your eye care. While you may have a prescription, it is possible that you do need to have another eye test. This is to ensure that you are able to see as you should. It will also determine if your prescription needs renewal or adjusting. You are more than welcome to give us a ring to schedule your eye test at our practice. We offer contactless eye tests in a safe and hygienic environment. Our staff wear gloves and masks by all our staff to ensure safety.

Our technology helps to make sure your eyes are healthy and you get the best vision possible. In Tarleton, an eye test starts with optical coherence tomography. This is a photograph of your eye. Having a photographic record is useful as it allows us to know exactly how much your eyes have changed between appointments. The image of your eye lets us assess the health of your eyes without having to get close to you. The next part of the eye test is objective refraction using the Zeiss i.Profiler. This is an assessment using the i.Profiler, which allows you to get a prescription 25x more accurate than with a subjective refraction. There are benefits to this such as better night vision, greater contrast and more vivid colour perception.

You can have an eye test in Tarleton when you pay us a visit.  In order to schedule your eye test, contact The Spectacle Factory. An eye test with our team will be the most comprehensive you have ever had. The health of your eyes is our priority. We have 99% of prescriptions in stock. This means that you can have your eye test, and your new glasses, all on the same day. Change the way you see your world and schedule your eye test with us today.


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