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New Store

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You want the best vision possible, and you want a great pair of glasses. And that’s what we’re good at. But it gets even better with the introduction of our new flagship store – striving to be the best opticians in Preston.

The culmination of a 3-year project, we’ve researched, sourced and brought to the UK the latest vision technologies and the most unique and on-trend eyewear – years before they will be available on the high-street (if they ever will be).

New Store

All we needed was a place to put them all together. That’s why we’ve been patiently working behind the scenes, without disruption to our customers and without having to increase prices, and we’re very proud to unveil the most modern opticians in Preston, and perhaps the UK. You can read what our customers have to say about us here: https://www.thespectaclefactory.com/testimonials/

Eco-friendly + Easy access

Not only does the new store utilise solar panels and low-energy LED lighting, but it also has under-floor heating, which is more energy efficient than traditional radiators. In addition, you’ll find eco-friendly eyewear, such as bio-based, recycled and 3D printed frames and lenses which use less plastic in their manufacture. All alongside some of the best designer brands.

You will still benefit from a large, free to use car-park, and we now have full wheelchair access including wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Technology for your eyes

You’re now able to get much more than just a prescription. Once your eyes are analysed with the i.Profiler, you’ll get your i.Scription. This is 25x more accurate than a standard prescription, and helps to improve your colour vision, night vision, and visual contrast.

New Store

Choosing the right glasses just got so much easier. Get your 3D scan using the Visufit 1000 and see yourself in different styles from any angle. An objective perspective makes it so much simpler to decide which are the best frames for you. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

For more info about the Visufit 1000, check out our demonstration below:

Already the top-rated opticians in Lancashire (based on Google reviews), our aim is to become the top-rated opticians in the UK. We hope you’ll come along with us on that journey, and enjoy your best vision possible, with frames that make you look amazing.

New Store

To book your eye test and vision consultation, visit https://thespectaclefactory.mysight.uk/choose-appointment-type, or simply call us on 01772 312213. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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