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Your Perfect Autumn/Winter Glasses

Whilst the concept of winter tyres or a winter wardrobe is quite a familiar one, less so is the idea of seasonally changing our glasses. But why not? Not only are the conditions and demands on our eyes different than in the summer months, how we feel and the way we dress is too. Therefore, it’s not too surprising, when you really think about it, that accessorising with winter glasses might be a good idea.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room; are you really going to buy a whole new pair of glasses just to wear for a few months in the year? Well, here’s why you should:

– You won’t exclusively wear them in Winter. They can be worn occasionally throughout the year as well.

– Driving in bad weather or in the dark can be quite dangerous. 25% of driving is at night but 40% of accidents occur at night. The right glasses could save your life.

– Having a spare pair of glasses is always sensible. You never know when you might need them.

– If you keep them 3 years, that’s 18 months’ worth of usage, or around 540 days. Surely worth the investment.

Still with me? If so, here are three tips to help you choose your ideal autumn/winter eyewear:

#1 – Start with the right colours.

Tortoiseshell or khaki green definitely give a more ‘wintery’ vibe and should also match with any outfit. If you have the complexion for it, black also works. Of course, you can choose any colour you like, and if you prefer a brighter look, then that’s OK too.

However, I tend to think everyone should have both a fun and a formal pair of glasses. Otherwise, it’s like trying to wear the same shoes to every occasion. Perhaps your summer pair could also be your fun pair, featuring a brighter colour… This allow you to have your winter pair in a more neutral hue to also double as your formal pair of glasses. Food for thought.

#2 – Choose Zeiss DriveSafe lenses.

Nobody looks forward to driving in winter. You’re contending with lots more wind and rain, and often icy roads. Added to this is the issue of shorter days which means we spend more time driving in the dark.

The ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe anti-reflective coating reduces discomfort glare, caused mostly by modern car headlights

Fortunately, there are lenses for your glasses which help you meet these challenges. Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are optimised for the larger pupil which we all have when in low-light situations. This helps you to judge distances more accurately and see better in the dark. They also give you more peripheral vision so you can react faster to things around you.

Best off all, they include a filter which reduces the dazzling or sometimes blinding glare which we all experience from oncoming LED headlights. This for me is the best aspect of DriveSafe lenses and a feature we can all benefit from.

#3 – Hydrophobic coatings are a MUST!

You don’t need me to tell you how miserable the UK weather can be – particularly from September onwards. A big problem for glasses wearers is that when we’re out in the rain, our glasses become full of water droplets. Whilst a hydrophobic coating on your lenses doesn’t completely solve this issue, it certainly helps. Read more about Duravision Platinum, the premium lens coating from Zeiss, here.

Hydrophobic means that your lenses repel water, so if a raindrop hits your glasses, it is more likely to slide off than stick to the surface. This allows you to see more clearly when you’re outdoors in the rain, and particularly when you come out of the rain and into a shop, for example. You might not always have your microfibre cloth with you, and you might even have your hands full, so not having to wipe your glasses all the time can be a big relief.

If you would like any more help or advice with choosing your ideal pair of glasses for the Autumn/Winter months, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.

It is also worth bearing in mind that during our advanced eye examinations, we assess your vision in both daytime and night-time conditions using the Zeiss i.Profiler.


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