Eye Test

During your eye test with us, you’ll be cared for by one of our experienced optometrists using the latest contactless technology.


"I found what could potentially be an anxious time, transformed into quite a pleasant experience"

Carol H

Want to see more?

Your eye test includes assessment using the ZEISS I.Profiler

This measures your i.Scription, which is 25x more accurate than a normal prescription and more unique than your fingerprint.

You will benefit from

Improved Night Vision

Looking directly at a light source at night, such as car headlights, results in glare and halo effects. i.Scription technology reduces image noise.

Brighter Colour Vision

Seeing contrast, such as white letters on a black background, is especially challenging for the eyes. i.Scription technology sharpens contrast.

Increased Contrast

i.Scription technology adds more brilliance to life and lets lens wearers see colours as they really are: bright and more intense.

complete peace of mind

Your eye test with us will be the most comprehensive you have ever had. The health of your eyes is our priority, and that is why we assess your eyes with the latest technology. Here are just a few of the tests included:

Retinal Imaging
(photographic record of your eye)
Optical Coherence Tomography
(detailed scan of the back of your eyes)
(for a 25x more accurate prescription)
Binocular Vision Assessment
(testing how your eyes function together)
Visual Fields Analysis
(assessing your peripheral vision)
Non-Contact Tonometry
(measuring your eye pressure)

*Not all services included in NHS eye examinations.

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