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Undostrial glasses are the ultimate Oakley killer

Undostrial glasses have the same sporty aesthetic as Oakley glasses.

Oakley is one of the most commonly requested brands of glasses in the world. People love three things about them:

  1. Straight-fit arms (rather than ones which curve around the ears)

  2. Good build quality

  3. A reputable, well known name

But are they the only glasses which deliver on these things? Well, if you are willing to forgoe the brand name and that flashy ‘O’ on the side of your frames, you can actually get much better. Introducing Undostrial glasses:

In this video we explore the glasses manufactured in Paris by Lucas de Stael, including Undostrial frames.

Undostrial glasses also have that sporty, straight fit that grips to the head just like Oakleys, except they are around 1/4 of the weight, so are even less likely to slip off. Added to this is the one-piece construction which gives the frames just enough tension to hold them in place without ever pressing into the skin.

They are incredible to wear; almost like wearing no glasses at all. And because of this, they don’t necessarily feel as secure as a heavy pair of Oakley’s. But don’t let that fool you because these frames do not move. What’s more, you can even customise the colour of the rubber grips to whatever shade you like, from neon pink to plain black.

A lot of people take it for granted that because Oakley frames are so popular, they must be good. The truth is that Oakley haven’t really innovated since they were (unwillingly) purchased by Luxottica all the way back in 2007. They haven’t needed to.

And this is not to say they are bad, because that is far from the truth – as many wearers will attest. However, other manufacturers have been innovating during this time, and Lucas de Stael, who produce each Undostrial frame in their workshop in Paris, is one such manufacturer.

Every single Undostrial frame is produced by hand using cutting edge equipment.

Proof of the difference in quality is the fact that whilst Oakley glasses carry a 1-year warranty, Undostrial glasses are instead guaranteed for 3. Being made from one flexible piece of Swedish surgical steel, Undostrial glasses don’t even have any screws to come loose.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of Oakley glasses, perhaps you should look further? If you can see past the brand name, you could get yourself a significant upgrade.


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