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The top 5 latest innovations from Zeiss

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Zeiss. Even if you haven’t, most likely you will have used products that rely on Zeiss technology. From Sony cameras to Apple iPhones, Zeiss lenses help deliver the best possible optics. Simply put, you get a better photograph if it’s shot through a Zeiss lens.

Even the moon landing was photographed through a Zeiss lens.

But you might not know that Zeiss also make lenses for your glasses. That means you too can experience a better view of the world thanks to their – honestly quite amazing – technologies. In this article we’re going to cover the top 5 latest innovations from Zeiss that help to give you better vision.

#1 – i.Scription

You probably know that glasses prescriptions increase in steps of 0.25. So, you might be, for example, +1.00, or +1.25. But what if the best correction for your vision is actually +1.13? Well, that’s what an i.Scription can give you. This video explains all:

Only Zeiss lenses have the accuracy to incorporate your i.Scription, and it potentially makes a huge difference to your vision, making colours more vivid, improving the contrast of small details, and helping you see better at night. Measuring your i.Scription using an i.Profiler is done as standard during our state of the art eye tests.

#2 – Lenses customised for the modern world

Think all spectacle lenses are the same? Think again. whilst most lenses are made simply to correct your vision, Zeiss lenses enhance it. For example, SmartLife lenses make viewing digital devices much easier on your eyes, giving you quicker refocussing so you can multitask better than ever. Meanwhile, DriveSafe lenses reduce the glare from LED headlights that can be so dazzling to us, helping to keep you safe behind the wheel. And EnergiseMe lenses are ideal if you often wear contact lenses, making the transition to and from contacts more natural.

The ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe anti-reflective coating reduces discomfort glare, caused mostly by modern car headlights

During a vision consultation, we can help you choose the right Zeiss lenses for you by showing you the difference in virtual reality. You can see how the different options affect you in real-world situations.

#3 – Visufit 1000

The Zeiss Visufit 1000 changes the way you choose your glasses, allowing you to see yourself objectively in different styles from every angle, discover how adding a lens tint can enhance your look, and taking all the measurements needed to make your glasses perfectly and guarantee you the best vision possible. Our video on the Visufit 1000 explains this in greater detail:

How your glasses fit to your face affects how your eyes focus through your lenses. The Visufit 1000 allows us to compensate for exactly how your new frames are worn, helping to reduce eye strain and ensuring your glasses are made as accurately as possible.

#4 – UV Protect

Awareness of the harm that Ultra-Violet light does to our skin and eyes is growing rapidly. Most people now understand that UV protection is crucial in reducing the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. So sunglasses are important. But a common misconception is that UV is only present during hot weather in summer. Actually, UV is present all year round, and penetrates the clouds. So if you’re outside, you’re exposed to UV.

Zeiss lenses are the only clear lenses that also provide 100% UV protection, meaning your eyes (as well as the skin around your eyes – which is most prone to skin cancer) are protected all year round. All Zeiss lenses feature UV Protect technology as standard.

#5 – Duravision Flash

Those frames you just fell in love with? Give them the finishing touch by adding Duravision Flash:

Duravision Flash is a semi-reflective finish for your lenses, which adds a burst of colour to really enhance your look. It particularly works well with PhotoFusion technology (which go from clear to dark depending on the UV levels) because the darker the tint, the more prominent the reflection from the lens surface. We love Duravision Flash technology as it can really complete the perfect pair of glasses.

Want to discover Zeiss for yourself?

So that’s it. You’re now fully up to speed on the latest Zeiss technologies that can make your next pair of glasses the best you’ve ever had. So what are you waiting for? Book your eye examination with us and see how Zeiss vision can help you experience your world better than ever.

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