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The Benefits of using Toric Contact Lenses in Preston

Are you considering using toric contact lenses in Preston? You may have been advised by your optician that this type of lens is most suitable for your vision requirements. Toric contact lenses are primarily used to correct the vision of people who suffer from astigmatism. This common problem is caused by an irregular shape of the cornea. Usually a cornea is round in shape. However, with people who suffer from astigmatism, the shape of the cornea may be more oblong. Toric contact lenses are usually very thin and soft. The cornea requires oxygen in order to work correctly. Due to toric contact lenses being placed over the entire width of the cornea, the lens must be thin and soft enough to allow oxygen to pass through it. An added benefit to the user is that toric lenses are very comfortable to wear due to their soft design.

In Preston, toric contact lenses are available in a wide range of sizes. In addition to this, an optician has the option to vary the strength of the lens to suit the patient. During the initial consultation with your optician, they should be able to provide you with advice relating to which type of lens is most suitable. In many cases it may be necessary to try a number of different types of lens. Your optician may vary the strength of the lens until they have found one that is most suitable for you.

Using toric contact lenses in Preston can also help to correct the vision of people who suffer from other eye related problems. Toric lenses can be adapted to help with eye issues such as myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. Due to their flexibility, toric lenses are a very popular choice for people who suffer from vision problems in the United Kingdom. Additional benefits associated with using toric contact lenses concerns colour options and longevity. Some toric lenses can be worn for up to 30 days at a time whilst they are also available in a range of colours to suit the needs of each user. To find out if toric lenses are the right choice for you call The Spectacle Factory.

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