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Professional Eye Test in Chorley, Conducted by Experts

You can have an eye test in Chorley at The Spectacle Factory. Give us a ring to schedule your appointment. Our experienced optometrists will conduct your eye test by using the latest contactless technology. The most accurate lenses can only be prescribed when we have all the relevant information about your eyes. As such, your eye test will include a number of assessments. This includes an assessment using our Zeiss I. Profiler. This is a 4-in-1 compact system that combines a way to measure all the necessary data to fully evaluate the status of your eyes, in a single device. Ultimately, it measures your i.Scription. This is 25 x more accurate than an ordinary prescription and is more unique than your fingerprint.

The eye test you have with us will be the most comprehensive you’ve ever had. In Chorley, an eye test uses the latest technology. We will assess your eyes using retinal imaging, a scan of the back of your eyes, how your eyes function together, and we will also check your peripheral vision. Our optometrist will also check your eye pressure. For this we use contact tonometry which is the safest way to complete this test during the coronavirus pandemic. After the assessment, we use I.Scription technology to create your unique prescription. You will benefit from better night vision, brighter colour vision as well as a higher contrast. All excellent reasons for your new prescription. On top of that, your new glasses can be complete within the same visit, so there are no more days of waiting for your new glasses.

An eye test in Chorley is excellent news for those who need new glasses. We also have a huge range of top quality and stylish frames for you to choose from. If you would like to schedule your eye test, please contact The Spectacle Factory today. We are happy to provide advice and suggestions for your new glasses. Better yet, we make use of Visufit 1000, innovative technology that allows you to objectively compare exactly how you look in different frame styles. Choosing your new glasses has never been so easy.  As the top-rated optician in Lancashire according to Google reviews, we are proud to offer our exceptional services to all our clients.


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