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Sunglasses in Penwortham

If you’re planning a holiday to sunny climes, make sure to get top-quality sunglasses in Penwortham from the specialists. At The Spectacle Factory, we have an amazing range of choices to suit every need, preference and budget. We are proud to be rated as Lancashire’s best rated opticians according to Google. The quality of our service, the friendly and professional staff, affordable pricing and customer oriented approach are what set us apart from others in this field. Most of our business comes to us via the glowing references provided by customers who have been 100% satisfied with us.

Besides protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of exposure to UV rays, in Penwortham, sunglasses also provide instant style and glamour. You can immediately ramp up your look with a stylish pair of shades. The main thing that you should consider while selecting sunglasses is the shape of your face. In general, stylists recommend that you choose a frame shape that’s opposite to that of your face shape. This provides the right offset and you can also draw attention away from features that you don’t want to highlight. Choose a frame colour that complements your skin tone and hair colour. Sunglasses should be tough and sturdy enough to withstand rough use. You also need to ensure that they’re versatile enough to give you protection across different terrains, land and water. That’s why buying the cheapest pair you can find is not a wise thing to do.

When you purchase sunglasses in Penwortham from us, we give you the right advice to ensure that you get complete eye protection. It’s a fact that most people don’t bother to check whether their sunglasses lens cut out 100% of UV rays. People assume that darker lenses provide better obstruction of these harmful rays. However, that’s not the case. Also remember that polarized glasses cut the glare but not UV. Larger frames provide more coverage so avoid tiny lenses perched on your nose. Contact us for more information about our range of top-quality sunglasses. Our range includes vision glasses, sports and driving glasses, golf spectacles, safety wear, kids’ glasses and much more apart from sunglasses.

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