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Sunglasses in Longton

Shades are stylish but you should wear sunglasses in Longton for other reasons as well. Our mission at The Spectacle Factory is to provide our clients with the very best vision possible. We want to give you a lens prescription that will enable high definition vision from all angles. Then we grind the lenses on site using technology that prevents distortion of the prescription. We can usually do that while you wait. Our vision exams are exacting and cover comprehensive eye health. You will need to allow extra time when we perform your eye exam because we are more thorough than the average optometrist. You will know exactly how clearly you will see by using our IPads with their special software. You simply hold the screen up and view an object. The clearest object is how you will see with your new prescription lenses.

Enjoying the benefits of excellent eye health means protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays and from glare. In Longton, sunglasses should be worn year round. That is true of any location that has sunshine and glare. If you need prescription sunglasses we will use your vision prescription and with quality materials create eye glasses that improve your vision and protect your eye health. UV rays can cause sun damage to your eyes over time causing cancer, corneal sunburn and cataracts. Deterioration of the cornea caused by the sun may escalate ageing and result in macular degeneration. For your eye protection, we use the finest polarised materials for sunglasses.

Wait until you see the huge selection of frames we offer at The Spectacle Factory for your sunglasses in Longton. We do suggest that for sunglass frames you choose a wrap around style for complete eye protection. Maybe you don’t have a vision issue just a sensitivity to sun and glare. You still want to be able to see clearly and choose your own attractive frame. Lenses do not have to be very dark for protection so you will want to choose your own lens colour shade as well. Call us at The Spectacle Factory and take charge of your eye health for comfort now and freedom from damage later. Sun damage is cumulative so the sooner you start protecting your eyes the longer they will protect you.


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