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The Major Trend is Back Towards Minimalism

Having just got back from the eyewear show during Milan Fashion Week, I’ve gained an insight into what’s next in the world of glasses and sunglasses, writes Robert Sands. The major trend is back towards [...]

Golf Sunglasses in Garstang

If you plan to spend your golden years on the golf course, you should get to The Spectacle Factory today for your protective golf sunglasses in Garstang. Continue reading “Golf Sunglasses in Garstang” »

Kate Spade Glasses in Leyland

With the latest Kate Spade glasses in Leyland, you can step out with energy and flair. Continue reading “Kate Spade Glasses in Leyland” »

Kids Eye Tests in Buckshaw Village

Kids eye tests in Buckshaw Village are designed to catch any vision problems a child might have very early on. Continue reading “Kids Eye Tests in Buckshaw Village” »

New Reykjavik Eyes Gold Edition Styles In Stock

Reykjavik Eyes are our best-selling frames, and it’s pretty easy to see why. They are the strongest, most comfortable glasses on the market. Having no screws, they also require almost no maintenance. Now that the [...]

Golf Sunglasses in Bolton

The Spectacle Factory has a thousand frames for prescription and non-prescription glasses including golf sunglasses in Bolton. Continue reading “Golf Sunglasses in Bolton” »

Designer Glasses in Leyland

Designer glasses in Leyland will allow you to perfectly define your style. Continue reading “Designer Glasses in Leyland” »

Polarised Sunglasses in Brindle

Are you looking to grab a pair of polarised sunglasses in Brindle? Continue reading “Polarised Sunglasses in Brindle” »

Why you shouldn’t buy Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is the most popular glasses and sunglasses brand in terms of global sales. It’s also the most searched-for eyewear brand on Google. But is there more to Ray-Ban than just a name? In this [...]

Hugo Boss Glasses in Longton

Choose Hugo Boss glasses in Longton, and choose a brand that personifies authentic, understated luxury. Continue reading “Hugo Boss Glasses in Longton” »

Cycling Glasses in Lancashire

Cycling glasses in Lancashire are an important part of your cycling gear. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Lancashire” »

Rimless Glasses in Elston

It is likely that you know the benefit of light rimless glasses in Elston if you wear glasses. Continue reading “Rimless Glasses in Elston” »

Will these be the best glasses of 2018??

Nico from Safilo joins me to talk about their new signature collection, which have been designed to be the best quality traditionally-made frames on the market.

Tag Heuer Glasses in Leyland

Get yourself a pair of the latest Tag Heuer glasses in Leyland that combine style and quality with functionality. Continue reading “Tag Heuer Glasses in Leyland” »

3 reasons you shouldn’t put off getting your eyes tested

This is an extended version of an article I wrote for Live Magazine. You can see ok… so why would you need an eye test? Here are 3 reasons why you should get your eyes [...]

Kate Spade Glasses in Tarleton

Kate Spade Glasses in Tarleton are in high demand. Continue reading “Kate Spade Glasses in Tarleton” »

Cycling Glasses in Preston

You may enjoy sport cycling but if cycling glasses in Preston are not in your top 2 most important equipment selections, you are risking eye injury. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Preston” »

Cycling Glasses in Manchester

Cycling glasses in Manchester are for cyclists who need are more than just for looks and style. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Manchester” »

TAG Heuer Glasses in Croston

If you love designer glasses, you will love our selection of TAG Heuer glasses in Croston at The Spectacle Factory.  Continue reading “TAG Heuer Glasses in Croston” »

Reading Glasses in Longton

If you need reading glasses in Longton, it’s time to visit an optometrist. Continue reading “Reading Glasses in Longton” »

Varifocal Contact Lenses in Penwortham

Varifocal contact lenses in Penwortham can help those that are struggling with vision issues to see their world clearly. Continue reading “Varifocal Contact Lenses in Penwortham” »

Cycling Glasses in Lancashire

You don’t need cycling glasses in Lancashire to ride a bicycle unless you need prescription lenses to see,  sun glare blinds you, winds dry your eyes, insects crash into your eyes and your tyres kick up dirt and debris. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Lancashire” »

Why I wear sunglasses in Winter

I really don't think you can drive safely in Winter without a decent pair of sunglasses. In this video I talk about why that is along with some interesting facts about how glare affects our [...]

Polarised Sunglasses in Euxton

If you’re interested in buying polarised sunglasses in Euxton, speak The Spectacle Factory. Continue reading “Polarised Sunglasses in Euxton” »

Chopard Glasses in Hesketh Bank

There is a good reason individuals choose Chopard glasses in Hesketh Bank. It’s the same reason we buy the designs Continue reading “Chopard Glasses in Hesketh Bank” »