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Kodak Lenses in Garstang

 When Kodak lenses in Garstang are what you’re looking for, The Spectacle Factory is the perfect choice. Continue reading “Kodak Lenses in Garstang” »

Designer Glasses in Rufford

People don’t necessarily purchase designer glasses in Rufford because they are branded or that they have designer labels engraved on them. Continue reading “Designer Glasses in Rufford” »

Marc Jacobs Glasses in Whalley

The Spectacle Factory has a selection of Marc Jacobs glasses in Whalley that is sure to thrill his fans. Continue reading “Marc Jacobs Glasses in Whalley” »

Expert Style Advice for Men

Check out our latest video with expert style advice for men featuring Hugo Boss.

Prescription Sunglasses in Preston

Prescription sunglasses in Preston are necessary for those who need to wear prescription glasses, and spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. Continue reading “Prescription Sunglasses in Preston” »

Golf Sunglasses in Tarleton

If you are an avid sportsman we can supply you with the best golf sunglasses in Tarleton. Continue reading “Golf Sunglasses in Tarleton” »

Chopard Glasses in Clitheroe

Chopard glasses in Clitheroe will improve your vision in the most stylish way possible. Continue reading “Chopard Glasses in Clitheroe” »

Is Your Vision Individualized??

(If not you’re missing out on HD) Continue reading “Is Your Vision Individualized??” »

Want The Best Eyewear for Running?

If you want to be at the top of your game, you need the right eyewear. Proper running glasses keep you from being distracted by glare and/or debris in your eyes and focussed on your [...]

Want to improve your vision for shooting?

4 Ways Golf Eyewear Can Improve Your Game

4 Ways Eyewear Can Improve Your Golf Game I recently wrote this article for Lancashire Life and thought I would share it with you guys too… “In the very short period of time [...]

Round Glasses vs. Cat Eye Glasses

Both styles are massively in fashion at the moment. But which one to go with? Well the easy answer if you’re a man is not the cat eye! (although as one client confidently corrected me [...]

What Makes Maui Jim Sunglasses Better Than The Rest?   I’m often asked what sunglasses are the best in terms of sun protection, durability and comfort. Usually, my answer is Maui Jim. To help understand what makes them better than the rest, [...]

How To Get Thin Lenses

    Today I’m going show you how to get the thinnest lenses in your new glasses.   You spend ages choosing frames you love. You wait 2 weeks for them to be ready. And [...]

Want the best glasses for cycling?

Want the best glasses for cycling? Rob explains why the Smith Optics Pivlock is probably the best cycling eyewear out there... with or without prescription.

Looking For Lightweight Glasses?

If you are Looking For Lightweight Glasses have a read of our informative guide on the best picks that are currently out there.   If you want the most comfortable glasses possible, the best way to [...]

The Best Opticians in Preston-How Did We Do It?

The best optician in Preston – How did we do it?   So, it’s come to my attention that we are currently not only the top-rated optician in Preston but actually in Lancashire! That’s according [...]

VLOG: What eyewear brands are going to be big in 2017??

Robert takes a look at Face a Face, Coco Song, and Reykjavik Eyes glasses, some of the best niche designer glasses brands available in the world. Face a Face unboxing video [...]

5 Eyewear Brands You Should Look Out For (but you probably haven’t heard of)

  If you’re searching for a new look, there’s one thing you should always consider; are you looking for innovative, unique style? or are you looking for a name? Because usually the two don’t go [...]

Kate Spade New York Now In Stock!

A first look at the collection and a brief history.   We’re constantly on the lookout for up-coming, trendy new brands and they don’t get more up-coming and trendy than Kate Spade.   I recently [...]

Amazing Things from our On-Site Lab

Our on-site lab allows us to do some pretty amazing things... Check out our latest YouTube video featuring Dragon sunglasses The world's first prescription floatable sunglasses As a side note, we’ll soon [...]

5 Decisions You Make That Affect Your Vision

Interesting insight into what decisions you make that will affect your vision with a new pair of glasses. Most people think they get the best vision simply by having their eyes tested and getting their [...]

How to Choose the Right Designer Glasses – featuring Chloe’, Lacoste and Jimmy Choo

Choosing the right designer glasses is certainly down to individual taste. See below how the experts at The Spectacle Factory determine the right designer glasses for each and every customer. In this blog I’m going [...]

Bugatti vs Jaguar vs Porsche Design

Battle Of The Car Brands Read about what attracts us to 'car branded' glasses and sunglasses. There's something about certain high-end car brands that inspires a sense of excitement, an understanding of quality and [...]

Why are we in Paris??

Welcome to our first ever Vlog! Follow us on youtube for more updates from the amazing world of eyewear. And tweet me @specfactory to join in the conversation. A look forward to our visit [...]