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Will these be the best glasses of 2018??

Nico from Safilo joins me to talk about their new signature collection, which have been designed to be the best quality traditionally-made frames on the market.

3 reasons you shouldn’t put off getting your eyes tested

This is an extended version of an article I wrote for Live Magazine. You can see ok… so why would you need an eye test? Here are 3 reasons why you should get your eyes [...]

Cycling Glasses in Manchester

Cycling glasses in Manchester are for cyclists who need are more than just for looks and style. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Manchester” »

TAG Heuer Glasses in Croston

If you love designer glasses, you will love our selection of TAG Heuer glasses in Croston at The Spectacle Factory.  Continue reading “TAG Heuer Glasses in Croston” »

Reading Glasses in Longton

If you need reading glasses in Longton, it’s time to visit an optometrist. Continue reading “Reading Glasses in Longton” »

Varifocal Contact Lenses in Penwortham

Varifocal contact lenses in Penwortham can help those that are struggling with vision issues to see their world clearly. Continue reading “Varifocal Contact Lenses in Penwortham” »

Cycling Glasses in Lancashire

You don’t need cycling glasses in Lancashire to ride a bicycle unless you need prescription lenses to see,  sun glare blinds you, winds dry your eyes, insects crash into your eyes and your tyres kick up dirt and debris. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Lancashire” »

Why I wear sunglasses in Winter

I really don't think you can drive safely in Winter without a decent pair of sunglasses. In this video I talk about why that is along with some interesting facts about how glare affects our [...]

Polarised Sunglasses in Euxton

If you’re interested in buying polarised sunglasses in Euxton, speak The Spectacle Factory. Continue reading “Polarised Sunglasses in Euxton” »

Chopard Glasses in Hesketh Bank

There is a good reason individuals choose Chopard glasses in Hesketh Bank. It’s the same reason we buy the designs Continue reading “Chopard Glasses in Hesketh Bank” »

Rimless Glasses in Brindle

Rimless glasses in Brindle are right for you if you would like to make your spectacles less noticeable. Continue reading “Rimless Glasses in Brindle” »

Need glasses in Preston fast?

If you’ve lost or broken your glasses, and you don’t have a spare pair, it can be a disaster. And the wait with most opticians can be 1-2 weeks for a replacement. For many people, [...]

Cycling Glasses in Preston

If you love jumping on a bike and going to work, or simply going through town on a lazy afternoon, cycling glasses in Preston might be the perfect item for you. Continue reading “Cycling Glasses in Preston” »

Contact Lens Specialist in Samlesbury

Make an appointment with the contact lens specialist in Samlesbury at The Spectacle Factory when you are ready to give up wearing glasses. Continue reading “Contact Lens Specialist in Samlesbury” »

Kate Spade Glasses in Ashton on Ribble

Kate Spade glasses in Ashton on Ribble is one of the most sought after designers and we stock her best designs at The Spectacle Factory. Continue reading “Kate Spade Glasses in Ashton on Ribble” »

Hugo Boss Glasses in Bamber Bridge

Hugo Boss glasses in Bamber Bridge make having to wear glasses fashionable. Continue reading “Hugo Boss Glasses in Bamber Bridge” »

Seriously Cool Collection

The Carrera Maverick collection is seriously cool. At The Spectacle Factory, we love this range of glasses and sunglasses from Carrera. We stock almost the entire collection.

The Future of Optics

The Future of Optics Check out our latest vlog where we travel to Berlin discover the latest tech courtesy of ZEISS. We look at Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, new spectacle lenses and new measuring [...]

Golf Sunglasses in Clitheroe

Golf sunglasses in Clitheroe can be regarded as one of the most important accessories in sport. Continue reading “Golf Sunglasses in Clitheroe” »

The Spectacle Factory Golf Event 2017 @ Ashton & Lea

Our first ever golf event was held on Sunday 15th October 2017, and I’m proud to say it was a huge success. The concept of the day was to reward some of our loyal golfing [...]

Designer Glasses in Bolton

Why settle for the same old boring eyeglass frames this time around when designer glasses in Bolton are gracing the shelves of The Spectacle Factory. Continue reading “Designer Glasses in Bolton” »

How much do you wear your contact lenses?

It’s a fact that every contact lens wearer should have a good pair of glasses too. First of all in case an eye infection prevents you from wearing your contacts. Continue reading “How much do you wear your contact lenses?” »

Reading Glasses in Preston

As we get older our eyes deteriorate and reading glasses in Preston may become necessary. Continue reading “Reading Glasses in Preston” »

Sunglasses in Whalley

Ever wonder why it’s so important to wear sunglasses in Whalley, even in the winter time? Continue reading “Sunglasses in Whalley” »

Hugo Boss Glasses in Pleasington

We stock Hugo Boss glasses in Pleasington and have a wide choice of styles to suit anyone. Continue reading “Hugo Boss Glasses in Pleasington” »