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McLaren Eyewear is HERE

3D Printed Titanium, 45 degree rotating hinges, elastomer rubber, graphite… the list of technical innovations that have been poured into the new collection of glasses and sunglasses from McLaren is breath-taking.

But what’s even more impressive is how McLaren have managed to take all of these elements, and make eyewear that utilises it all in a cohesive and masterfully constructed package.

If you’re a lover of eyewear, you’ll probably be familiar with Tag Heuer. One of the greatest and most unique ranges ever produced – so good were they that the watchmaking heritage was almost a distraction from how well designed and manufactured Tag Heuer glasses were.

Since the demise of the eyewear division around 6 years ago, rumours have regular surfaced within the optical industry that Tag Heuer would be imminently resurrected, but each time ultimately to no avail.

Well, the old team are finally back together, and the people who worked to make Tag Heuer one of the world’s best frame brands are back and working behind the scenes on McLaren. And it shows. Most of the features which made Tag Heuer glasses and sunglasses great are also featured in this collection.

Examples include temples made of elastomer rubber – a special material taken from F1 tyres, which provides exceptional stability, and actually grips more the hotter you get – and anatomical nose pads which form to the shape of your nose as you position them on your face.

But materials have progressed significantly in the last 6 years, and McLaren have incorporated the latest technology taken straight from their vehicle designs – 3D printed components made up of titanium and graphite. McLaren glasses are the first in the world to utilise 3D printed titanium, and these pieces are the flagship McLaren frames.

The thicker-rimmed pieces are stylish and technical too, with the graphite fronts contrasting well against the colourful elastomer sides. Yellow, Orange and Red colourways look superb and suitably sporty, whilst Black and Blue colourways provide more muted options.

Then there are the rimless models. Tag Heuer produced arguably the best rimless eyewear collection of all time. And that torch has been passed on to McLaren. Rimless frames often get a reputation for being old fashioned.

Not so here, as the McLaren rimless glasses are superb, youthful and exciting. Our favourite feature of the rimless pieces is the 45 degree rotating hinge – modelled from McLaren car doors – which not only feels incredibly premium, but satisfyingly locks the hinge mechanism into place for further enhanced stability on the face.

Finally, McLaren sunglasses feature all of these details, plus high-quality lenses. They actually offer lenses tailored to several different activities, from driving to golf to sailing, incorporating specialised tints, polarised filters, and mirror coatings to achieve excellent vision for what you need to focus on. All of these can be made by un in your prescription.

We told you the list of technical innovations was breath-taking. And there is even more to come…


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