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Professionally Fitted Glasses in Clitheroe, for Your Perfect Vision

Professionally fitted glasses in Clitheroe are essential for your perfect vision. The best way to ensure this is to visit an optician. We welcome to you to The Spectacle Factory. When you wear glasses, they should be comfortable while improving your vision. If your glasses do not fit properly, they will be uncomfortable, and you will not receive the benefit of improved vision. Additionally, they will look odd. For professionally fitted glasses, we can assist. Each person is unique, and as such, each person has unique vision care requirements.

We’re one of the best rated opticians in Preston. Thus, in Clitheroe, professionally fitted glasses are what we provide. It can start with an eye test. Therefore, schedule an eye test with us for the most comprehensive eye exam you’ll ever have. We test your eyes using the latest technology. Furthermore, the eye tests we provide include i-Scription. This this provides your most accurate prescription. Once your prescription is final, we can give you the opportunity to choose the perfect frames for your new glasses. We stock a huge range of designer frames that will be the perfect match to your own unique style.

Professionally fitted glasses in Clitheroe take a number of aspects into account.  We use Visufit 1000 technology. Additionally, it takes nine high-definition images of your face with the glasses you choose. The machine uses the images to generate a 3D profile of your face. However,  our Visufit 1000 shows how the glasses you chose sit on your face from different angles. Hence, our experts can assist you with the best prescription and  frames for you. This results in professionally fitted glasses for you. For more details on how we can assist, contact The Spectacle Factory today. We are proud to be the top rated optician in Lancashire, according to Google reviews.

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