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Oxford Vaughan Sunglasses in Longton

Oxford Vaughan Sunglasses in Longton may not turn you into a test pilot or race car driver. Neither will they get you an invite to be part of the Red Arrow Helicopter Task Force or a member of the RAF Aerobatic team. These awesome sunglasses will make you feel and look like the most sophisticated and confident man about town. These are no ordinary sunglasses. The design is classic British from a company established for over three generations. These high performance sunglasses are designed with precision engineering and built by hand. The sunglasses are finely detailed with care. You will know as soon as you hold them to your eyes, these are in a luxury and performance class all their own.

You can find these designer sunglasses at The Spectacle Factory where quality of vision is the top priority. For fans in Longton, Oxford Vaughan sunglass styles including Monza, GTB, Speedbird, Speedbird Mach 2, Montecarlo and Superyacht. Hold them in your hand and remind yourself there are forty points of precision in each pair, handcrafted wherever possible and the most stylish glasses you’ve ever worn. Such unusual designs and quality are the result of some of the worlds finest materials. These are not your mass produced designer stamped sunglasses found in many other optometrists offices. We at The Spectacle Factory have made a concerted effort to offer a wide variety of designers, prices and styles from all over the world. Usually we stock over 1000 selections.

Oxford Vaughan Sunglasses in London are a top choice for our Royal Air Force and adventurers the world over. That’s how you know the performance, fit and durability are represented in the brand. The attractive style is a bonus because you should look good no matter what you’re doing. However, vision clarity and eye protection in the sun is the basis for wearing sunglasses. So, sailboat racing and lake fishing begs the same protection for your eyes. Driving to the airport or flying the plane are equal reasons for protective, stylish and beautifully designed Oxford Vaughan Sunglasses. Contact The Spectacle Factory and find out about these high quality styles and designs. Don’t forget to schedule your yearly eye exam as well. Our goal is that you see better than you have ever seen before.

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