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Looking For Lightweight Glasses in 2020?

If you are Looking For Lightweight Glasses have a read of our informative guide on the best picks that are currently out there.

If you want the most comfortable glasses possible, the best way to achieve that is by opting for lightweight frames. Here at The Spectacle Factory, we stock several ranges of ultra-lightweight glasses. In this blog, I’m going to talk about a few of them.

The best glasses you can buy?

My usual recommendation when someone asks for lightweight glasses is Reykjavik Eyes. I personally believe they are technically the best eyewear available today. They are made from titanium – but lots of glasses are made from titanium. What makes Reykjavik Eyes special is that they’re made from one piece of titanium.


That remarkable feat of engineering means no screws, no solders and no springs – three things which usually mean increased weight and of course can also be weak points.  As a result, these frames are probably the strongest in the world despite their apparent fragility.

Now, functional glasses don’t usually equate to cool glasses… but that’s not the case here. Reykjavik Eyes are designed by Gunnar Gunnarson, a young, trendy inventor who paid as much attention to style as he did to functionality. I think these glasses are very cool, in a typically minimalist Scandinavian way.

The Official Lightest Glasses in the World

That accolade goes to Flair. The inventors of rimless glasses, Flair have always led the way when it comes to feather light frames. Their ‘Pure’ frames are made from Bio-Steel and weigh as little 3 grams, which is absolutely crazy!

And if you want a bit more bling, Flair are great at that too:

Many of their frames are either gold plated, or solid gold, and feature the highest-grade Swarovski crystals.

All our Flair rimless glasses feature a unique mounting system which means that, unlike other rimless glasses, they don’t come loose. They are in fact incredibly flexible, so you don’t need to worry that you’re going to break them.

Lightweight but Fashionable

Arguably the most stylish lightweight glasses are MODO’s Paper-Thin titanium range. They were recently featureed in a list of the best titanium eyewear by Favr, which is a great website if you’re hunting for premium eyewear brands. 

To look at this frame, you might not think it was particularly lightweight. Think again. The Paper-Thin collection weigh just 6.8 grams. And you get an ultra-modern look:

It’s a really eclectic range too, which virtually every shape and colour you can imagine:


MODO also do some really cool lightweight sunglasses. Check out this video:

So those are my 3 top picks for lightweight glasses. Across just those 3 brands, we stock over 300 pieces for you to try on in our Preston store. Plus over 1000 others. We have the biggest stock of lightweight glasses in Lancashire.

Here’s a really great article about some of the best brands who produce lightweight eyewear: The Best Titanium Eyewear Frames of 2020 on FAVR (

So if you’re looking for comfort and a style that reflects your character, you’ve found the right place. If you’ve any questions, just tweet me @specfactory or call us on 01772 312213.


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