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Keep the Sun’s Harmful Glare Away From Your eyes With Polarised Sunglasses in Bamber Bridge

If you would like to know more about polarised sunglasses in Bamber Bridge, speak to The Spectacle Factory. If you are wondering what makes these glasses so special, polarised lenses are coated with a special film that reduces glare and the harmful effects of UV light. Glare is caused by sunlight, usually caused when it reflects off a solid surface or water. When you are wearing glasses, it makes it harder to see clearly, because part of the light becomes magnified and passes through the lens. Regular sunglasses don’t stop glare from passing through the lens, but once they are polarised, glare is no longer a problem.

If you are battling with your usual sunglasses in Bamber Bridge, polarised sunglasses are available at The Spectacle Factory. We have been in the optometric business for 21 years. We offer the best prices in the industry, with a guarantee that if you find the same product at a lower price in a different store within 2 weeks of your purchase, you get a refund for the difference. Our stock is vast and you have 300 different sunglasses to choose from. When you become one of clients, you will also benefit from the VIP EyeCare Scheme, which offers free warranties, repairs (where possible) and maintenance. On top of that, every 6 months, you are invited back for a free service on your glasses, which includes readjustments, a check-up of the screws, hinges and joints, and a thorough cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.

We believe there is no better place to buy polarised sunglasses in Bamber Bridge. If you are looking for regular eyewear, we offer over 1000 different frames sourced from all over the world. We offer the most unique and innovative designs, and a service to match. Each consultation helps you choose the best frame according to 4 criteria: comfort, style, performance and durability. Each one of these factors can have a significant impact on your experience with your eyewear. If you want to schedule an appointment, contact The Spectacle Factory. Whether you are looking for stylish polarised sunglasses, or a pair of normal glasses to improve your vision, we will ensure that you get the best product at the best price.


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