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Getting Your General Eye Tests in Bamber Bridge

There are general eye tests in Bamber Bridge and there are the general eye tests that you undergo at The Spectacle Factory. We have a unique way to conduct eye tests and they help you find out the status of your eyes and give you the best possible data you can find under any general eye testing procedure. First, we give you the opportunity to see how things would look through your prescribed lenses, through our in-store iPad application software. This allows you to simulate the experience of looking at a variety of objects through the lens, without actually putting them on. Then begins our testing process!

In Bamber Bridge, general eye tests involve testing you on a variety of criteria using our iTerminal, which is a sophisticated piece of equipment that tests you for your posture. We want to make sure that you have the most natural look and feel, with your glasses on, at your natural best. The next thing that comes into the picture is to test your leading eye. This helps us enable you to re-focus your vision for varying distances. Finally, we test for positioning wherein we locate the perfect position for the lenses to be placed in front of your eyes, such that you get the best of long and short distance, as well as peripheral vision with your glasses on.

All our general eye tests in Bamber Bridge are helpful in crafting the perfect lens for you, using data that is unique to you and matches your regular behaviour. There are many different options when it comes to lenses and depending on what you would like your vision to be – better contrast, high definition, etc. – we will pick the perfect lens for you. Then, all you need to do is pick a matching pair of designer frames and you’re all set to go. Whether you are looking for NHS testing or regular eye testing, you can get the best and most accurate testing done with the best quality equipment at The Spectacle Factory. Book an appointment today and see with your own eyes, and our glasses, why we are leaders in the eye-care business!

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