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Fast Turn Around Glasses in Preston for When You Need it Most

When you need fast turn around glasses in Preston, The Spectacle Factory is the place to be. 90% of our prescription glasses are ready in one hour. You might assume that you’ll have to settle for less than perfect since you are in such a hurry. But, you’re willing to make some sacrifices. Especially since your old glasses are laying under the rear tire of your car and you can’t see the traffic signs. We know you’re in a spot but we have really good news. We can duplicate your current prescription and create new glasses for you. Even with your current prescription you may see better than ever before because of the expertise of our technicians and the materials and techniques we use for lenses.

Another reason you might see better than ever before is the fitting process we use for all of our clients. In Preston, fast turn around glasses are fitted specifically to you using the iTerminal. The iTerminal is a measuring system that allows us to fit your lenses by incorporating your natural posture and the level at which you hold your head. It’s different for each person and it impacts how well you see. Did you know you have a leading eye? You do and it plays an important part in how well you see. So naturally you want that information factored into your lens prescription and your fitting. You may be ready to settle for any frame that is available as long as you have glasses today. The appointment with us at The Spectacle Factory is likely going to be longer than any eye appointment you’ve ever had before. One reason is we have 1200 or more frames from which you may choose. Allow some time.

If you need fast turn around glasses in Preston and you would like to see better than you’ve ever seen before, schedule an eye exam. It’s going to take about 50% longer than the average exam at other facilities. We use the latest technology to fine-turn your prescription. We want to help you achieve the best vision possible with the utmost clarity. The prescription you have may allow you to see better and drive safely. However, with a little patience and a lot of skill, we can usually improve on that. The slightest improvement can make a tremendous difference in your vision and help prevent eye fatigue. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule an appointment. We’ll put you through your paces and then you’ll take a break while we prepare your lenses. We think this is really good news.


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