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Eye Test in Preston – Necessary for Good Vision and Eye Health

When was the last time you had an eye test in Preston?  Vision prescriptions change and when they do you need to update your lenses for good vision and eye health. If you are like many people, you get an eye test when your glasses break or get lost. For some, it is ten years. The frames have not set properly on your face for the last nine of those ten years. You could be seeing better without eye strain and be more comfortable too. Prescription lenses are not the only reason you need an eye test once a year. Our optometrists have the very latest in examination equipment to test not only your vision but also for any eye health problems.

You may not need prescription lenses at all to see clearly but you could have early signs of glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. In Preston, eye test equipment can detect the early onset of these eye diseases that can lead to blindness in the elderly. A specialist provides treatment to correct the impairment or prevent it from getting worse. Younger people may have learned to live with myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. Over time, these refractive errors can cause visual impairment that leads to blindness. We can correct these disorders very well with prescription lenses. Diabetics often develop retinopathy which is damage to blood vessels in the retina. Untreated, it too can lead to blindness.

Our optometrists and technicians that carry out your eye test in Preston have an uncommon approach. We use the latest technology which will reveal eye disease before you know you have it. We also conduct an in depth vision test that allows us to refine your prescription so you see better than ever before. Our team prepares your lenses from clarity promoting materials right in our on-site lab. We have highly trained staff and the latest equipment designed to fit your glasses perfectly based on your posture, the tilt of your head and eyes and which eye you tend to lead with. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your next eye appointment with us today. Our in depth comprehensive eye tests take a little longer.  We also have an extraordinary number of frames from which to choose.


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