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Eye Test in Euxton

How long has it been since you have had an eye test in Euxton? You know the main reason for eye tests is to keep watch on the health of your eyes. You will get the most thorough eye exam at The Spectacle Factory. Our optometrists are well educated and highly experienced. Plus we have all the latest technology to test your eye health and vision. Because we are unusually conscientious, we naturally spend more time than other opticians would. If it turns out you need a lens prescription we spend even more time because we want to get your prescription exact and we want the lens ground to allow for the clearest and sharpest vision.

Your vision will be improved no matter where you go to get an exam and glasses. However, in Euxton, an eye test at

The Spectacle Factory is the one you should have if you want the clearest vision you have ever experienced. We do not believe in one size fits all. If, after you receive your new glasses you don’t agree, we will give you your money back.  We grind most lenses on site while you wait. One of the reasons your vision is better when we make your lens is the quality of the lens material, the quality and accuracy of the machine and our own attention to detail. Really, some of the attention to detail is minor on its own but collectively the result is clear sharp vision. To us, that is worth the effort because the vision improvement extends to your peripheral and night vision.

You may be thinking an eye test in Euxton is going to be pricey. It’s not true because we guarantee to meet or beat anyone’s prices. You can push the cost up by buying limited edition high fashion designer frames. However, you don’t have to because we have a thousand frames from which to choose from all price ranges. It’s time for an eye test so call us at The Spectacle Factory and let us show you how much better your vision can be. Remember to set aside a little more time for your eye test than usual.



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