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Eye Specialist in Leyland

We are possibly the best eye specialist in Leyland and after a thorough and complete examination by our highly qualified optometrists we will prescribe a solution to your eye problems. Not only do they examine your eyesight but they also check the way you see through the glasses and adjust the fit of the glasses to suit your unique facial contours so that you have the best possible view with your new spectacles.  After this intense and thorough examination you know that the glasses are a one off fit for you.  Personal fitting for glasses will give you the best and most comfortable fit you have ever had. Most spectacle companies make your glasses up from standard frames and cannot adjust them for your particular face shape.

You could choose designer frames to turn your glasses into a fashion statement. In Leyland, eye specialist clinics will help you improve and preserve your sight. With a huge array of frames to choose from you can be assured of getting the right frame for your face and minor adjusts can be made to shape them for a perfect fit.  Being a manufacturing spectacle company makes all the difference as adjustments can be made in the factory. Lenses are then cut, polished and shaped to suit the frames you have chosen.  Some frames can distort your vision and give you less than perfect sight.  Everything to do with your vision is taken into account like peripheral vision.

We offer the services of our eye specialist in Leyland to care for your eye health Contact The Spectacle Factory today to book an appointment. One of our opticians is a university lecturer and the other is a PhD graduate. They spend 50 % longer than the industry average and use the latest equipment to get the most accurate results possible.  The technology used to make the lenses can have at least as much of impact as the prescription itself. We are a manufacturing optician rated as one of the best in our area. Our workshop can often have your new glasses ready for you quickly and our on-site workshop can ensure that your glasses are a perfect fit for your face.


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