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Eye Specialist in Ashton on Ribble

Are you among those seeking an eye specialist in Ashton on Ribble? We’re not talking about the multitude of opticians prescribing prescription lenses that lessen your vision blur. Yes, you see better but likely there is still room for improvement. That bit of improvement is the difference you will find with our eye specialists at  The Spectacle Factory. The smallest adjustment in your prescription or a better quality lens manufacturer can change better vision to best vision. Think of it as fine tuning or tweaking the prescription just so and then manufacturing your lens with those tiny adjustments. It takes a little more time and effort but it provides the Wow factor you’ve been missing. Once you experience it, you will never settle for less.

At the Spectacle Factory we can give you a glimpse of that Wow factor during your eye exam. For those patients in Ashton on Ribble, eye specialist at our facility use the latest technology and techniques to zero in on your best vision. You will need patience because our eye exams take longer and we ask a lot of questions. We narrow down your prescription and then refine it with IPad software. The software lets you see as though through various lenses. You will choose your clearest and sharpest image because only you can do that. That’s how we fine tune and customise lenses specifically for you. Only two manufacturers offer lenses with the clarity and sharpness we know is essential for your prescription to be your personal best.

At The Spectacle Factory, eye specialist in Ashton on Ribble have one purpose; we correct refractive errors or how your eyes bend light. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (ageing eyes). Within those 4 errors are a multitude of variables that factor in to how well you see with your prescription. For your best possible vision including sharpness and clarity, contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your personalised appointment. Other benefits is guaranteed lowest prices, value for value; a thousand frames from which to choose; our on site lens manufacturing with same day service and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Experience? The Spectacle Factory is well established since 1996 and we are rated number one on Google.


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