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Cycling Glasses in Lancashire

You don’t need cycling glasses in Lancashire to ride a bicycle unless you need prescription lenses to see,  sun glare blinds you, winds dry your eyes, insects crash into your eyes and your tyres kick up dirt and debris. If you experience any one of those circumstances while cycling along a path or roadway, then you need cycling glasses. Other athletes wear specialised sport glasses to protect their eyes from injury why shouldn’t you? You probably don’t wear eye protection while cutting the grass either. If you have a prescription lens, then you need to wear your glasses while cycling to see where you’re going. For proper protection your frames should offer a more secure fit than daily wear frames.

Head straps to hold prescription glasses or goggles in place are ideal because your whole eye is protected from injury. If, in Lancashire, cycling glasses are tinted your eyes are protected from damaging sun glare. These kinds of sports frames will stay put on your face; no slipping up or down. You may be style conscious and prefer cycling glasses with a fashionable flair. We can offer both; with or without prescription, clear or tinted. We have stunning designer frames with unbreakable and scratch resistant lenses. Certain safety characteristics should be present in any cycling glasses you choose. They need to be lightweight but secure firmly to your nose bridge with comfort pads. The frame arms should hook around your ear with comfort pads to prevent slippage. You’ll want the frame and lenses to wrap around so your eyes are fully protected front and side.

Come to The Spectacle Factory for cycling glasses in Lancashire. All should wear eye protection but if you are a competitive cyclist, unprotected eyes is risky. Cycling glasses should be part of your gear along with your cycling helmet, gloves, shoes, water bottle and bicycle. Contact The Spectacle Factory and get fitted with sport quality glasses for eye safety and better vision while cycling. We carry the latest designer styles for both men and women. One wrong fall or one stone kicked up is all it takes for permanent damage to your eye. Keep the fun in your sport by wearing protective cycling glasses.


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