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Contact Lens Specialist in Samlesbury

Make an appointment with the contact lens specialist in Samlesbury at The Spectacle Factory when you are ready to give up wearing glasses. Most of our clients keep a pair of glasses for occasional use but the freedom of wearing contact lenses makes a wonderful difference in your life. Instead of taking glasses off and on all day, misplacing them and cleaning them you pop your contacts in and forget them. There are no barriers to clear vision. There are some who can’t wear contacts due to allergies or dry eyes. If you are one of them, call for an appointment at The Spectacle Factory; there may now be a lens you can wear.  Contact lenses are continually being improved for comfort and clarity. Remember the first contact lenses were glass blown followed decades later by hard plastic lenses. Soft contacts didn’t hit the market until 1971. That’s real progress.

Even if you need vision correction for both distance and near we now have a contact lens for you.  For our clients in Samlesbury, contact lens specialist at The Spectacle Factory offer Varifocal Contact Lenses. With these contacts you can see distance, intermediate and close. Varifocal contacts are a gift for ageing eyes. During our younger years, we may only need distance corrected but as we age close vision can also become a challenge. You won’t notice the transition while wearing Varifocal lenses; you will just have clear vision regardless of where you are looking. It all starts with the most comprehensive eye exam by our professionals at The Spectacle Factory.

Our contact lens specialist in Samlesbury at The Spectacle Factory promise you will see more clearly than ever before with the lenses we prescribe. Time, care and the latest technological advances are used to refine your prescription. The exam takes a little longer but the results are worth far more than the extra time. Whether you wear contact lenses or you are ready to try them for the first time, contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule a new eye exam. Our staff will make sure your lenses are the best quality available for your eye comfort and health. Toss those bifocals that turn you into a bobble-head and give the latest contact lenses a chance.


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