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Are Maui Jim Sunglasses The Best In The UK?

In our latest video, we take a look at what makes Maui Jim sunglasses some of the best ‘off the shelf’ sunglasses you can buy.

If you’re looking for sunglasses which give your eyes the most sun protection, then your search is over. There’s a reason why Maui Jim are one of the only eyewear brands recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. But Maui Jim sunglasses do much more than just protect your eyes. As one of the most trusted retailers of Maui Jim sunglasses in the UK, we’ve put together this brief guide to what makes Maui Jim sunglasses superior.

An untouched vision of how Maui Jim sunglasses enhance your view

The lenses in every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses contain rare earth elements which enhance colours. This is in addition to the polarised film embedded within them which filters out all glare. On top of that, you’ve got a choice of mirror finishes or a gradient finish for extra comfort PLUS an anti reflective treatment on the back of the lens, which means no shadowing effect in really bright light.

Maui Jim sunglasses might be expensive, but you won’t get all that from any other brand. And yes, they’re miles better than Ray Ban or Oakley (the only two companies who sell more shades globally than Maui Jim). For more information, visit

The Maui HT lens in particular is ideal for the variable weather we experience here in the UK

These benefits make Maui Jim sunglasses ideal for the inconsistent British weather, because they don’t make your view dull and dark like regular sunglasses. So when the sun does go behind the clouds, your sunglasses are still enhancing what you see rather than detracting from it.

Just some of the styles available through our online store.

But the lenses aren’t the only great thing about Maui Jim sunglasses – at least, not any more. Maui Jim now offer a comprehensive range of some really cool shapes, all extremely well put together with some beautiful finishing, and you can shop the best styles via our online store. If you want to seriously upgrade your eye protection and you vision, you can visit our store here:

Wondering what makes us the best place in the UK to pick up your pair of Maui Jim sunglasses? Read some of our testimonials:


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