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Zeiss Glasses

What makes Carl Zeiss Glasses special, you ask? The Spectacle Factory carry only a few brand names. Ensuring only the best companies, who have high levels of quality control and thorough testing used to manufacture lenses for their customers, they provide quality and innovation you are not likely to find anywhere else. Anyone that wears glasses knows how important the correct eye-wear is, and how frustrating even the smallest problem might be. Perhaps the tension behind your ear is just a bit too loose and every time you lean forward your glasses fall off? Perhaps they are too tight and the pinching gives you a tension headache? Or perhaps the tint makes the sky appear green?

Zeiss glasses, in fact all glasses, made at The Spectacle Factory have a money-back guarantee. A promise of giving you better vision that is taken very seriously. To ensure this promise is kept for each and every customer time is taken to understand the needs of every person. As most people do not know how various things may affect their vision or even that the same prescription can yield different visual results, professionals who understand and can inform their clients correctly are a vital piece of the puzzle. Offering some of the best and highly qualified optometrists around is another way they ensure you get the best.

Some of the incredible Zeiss glasses innovations are things that clients are unaware of. In the process of customising the glasses to best suit the individuals needs, the optometrist can offer relevant new innovations, as staying on top of new technology and creative developments is fundamental to offering the best available. Part of the standard procedure is allowing the client to understand how things will look through each lense. This is achieved through special software on an iPad. This incredible innovation helps prevent distortion in vision caused by the wrong shape or choice of lense, or the wrong choice of tint. Explaining and assisting in the right choice of frames is easy as a lot of the manufacturing is done by The Spectacle Factory on site. Offering you the best service at the best price, The Spectacle Factory’s guarantee will ensure that you leave happy and seeing clearly. Call to make your appointment. For more information about Zeiss glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory.


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