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You can Choose the Best Quality Varifocal Glasses in Blackburn

You may need varifocal glasses in Blackburn if you struggle to see things up close. As a person ages, the crystalline lens of his eye loses its elasticity and becomes stiffer. This condition is presbyopia. The symptoms of presbyopia include blurry vision, especially when looking at objects near to your face. In addition, you may find yourself holding objects further away to see them better. Another symptom is the difficulty in adjusting your vision between distances. Varifocal glasses can help you see better up close as well as at a distance. In fact, if you have a prescription for reading lenses, you may now need a distance prescription too. These glasses can effortlessly combine both prescriptions.

An eye test is necessary to ensure the right prescription for both reading and distance viewing. Hence, in Blackburn, varifocal glasses are a great solution. Schedule an appointment for an eye test to receive your new varifocal glasses prescription. The eye test that you receive with us will be the most comprehensive you’ve ever had. We’ve found that many varifocal glasses restrict a person’s field of view. This, in turn, means that one needs to constantly turn his head while wearing them. It can result in both eye and neck strain. However, we offer Zeiss SmartLife varifocals which provide an extremely wide field of view. In addition, the manufacture of SmartLife lenses is highly precise to a prescription 25 times more accurate than usual. This results in superior colour vision, night vision and contrast.

Zeiss SmartLife varifocalglasses in Blackburn are available after your eye test with us. In addition, your SmartLife lenses have full UV protection, without a visible tint. For more details about how we can assist you with your new varifocal glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory today. Furthermore, your SmartLife varifocal glasses include Duravision Platinum as standard. This means that your glasses are scratch-resistant, reflection-free, anti-static, waterproof and very easy to keep clean. We’ve been providing excellent advice and service to all our clients since 1996. As such, we’ve gained an impressive reputation as the best optician around.


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