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When You Need Assistance with Emergency Glasses in Bamber Bridge

Emergency glasses in Bamber Bridge are needed at times. We don’t often think of the need for glasses as an emergency situation. Sometimes, after an eye exam you have to wait a week or so to get your new glasses from the lab. Nobody feels the need to put a rush on it. Surely you can muddle through without your new prescription for a little while longer. But why should you when we can likely have your glasses ready the same day? Consider too, why anyone else would have the right to define what an emergency is for you. One person’s inconvenience may be another’s emergency. If your lenses have been shattered in an accident, maybe you can’t drive or work. That’s an emergency. Maybe there’s a pandemic and appointments are hard to get. Our staff will make every effort to accommodate you.

We sometimes get to meet visitors to our city. For visitors in Bamber Bridge, emergency glasses are needed because they’ve lost or broken their only pair. They are far from home and in need of immediate help. So, we welcome them here at The Spectacle Factory. Our staff will conduct our usual thorough eye exam and that might take an hour or more. Most of our visiting patients expect shorter eye exams, but we don’t cut any corners, even in emergencies. The vision prescription we present to our onsite lab may be a bit more refined than our guests normal prescription. We like to be precise.

When our lab gets that prescription for emergency glasses in Bamber Bridge, it’s likely they will be ready the same day. They will use the finest materials and precision tools and skills to make those corrective lenses. With an exact prescription and lens materials that allow for the utmost clarity of vision, our guest will leave seeing better than ever before. The emergency just may have turned out to be a blessing. But you don’t have to wait for an emergency to get your new glasses the same day. Contact us and schedule an appointment for your own eye exam. Spend some time selecting from our hundreds of designer and non-designer frames. You will have your new glasses in under an hour.

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