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Varifocals in Walmer Bridge

Just as any other lens prescriptions, varifocals in Walmer Bridge are prescribed after careful consultation has been carried in order to determine the problem and if these lenses will do the trick in rectifying the situation. Thanks to the differing sections, varifocals allow you to see at any distance, no matter the activity you’re doing. You can easily read a book, browse files on your laptop and walk around without the need to change the pair of specs you’re wearing. Unlike bifocals, varifocals have no specific area of lens strength: they work by offering a gradual change in lens strength from the top to the bottom of the lens. With the absence of a dividing line, they make the glasses more visually appealing as well.

At The Spectacle Factory, we guarantee the best products and services at the best prices. In Walmer Bridge, varifocals are only one of our areas of expertise. Whatever you come in for and are in need, you can be sure of receiving professional and friendly services that are bound to put you at ease. Our personal vision consultations ensure you get the attention you need so that you can receive the best product for your situation. With access to more than 1000 unique and innovative frames, your varifocals will be housed in the most stylish way. Whether you prefer a simple frame or are one to go for the unique styles, you’re bound to find something that will appeal to your character.

Since 1996, we have been providing varifocals in Walmer Bridge and the surrounding area. We believe that seeing the best you possibly can is something we can strive for together. Contact The Spectacle Factory for varifocals that will suit your lifestyle. Feel free to look through our range of products, be it every day wear, sportswear and even safety wear. We also have products that are perfect for children. We use only the most innovative of technology in order to come up with and test the quality control of our lenses. Thanks to our on-site manufacturing, you can leave with your new products on the same day you come to visit us.


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