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Varifocal Glasses in Kirkham – See the World the Way You Should

We supply varifocal glasses in Kirkham for graduated lens power. These glasses are also known as multifocal lenses, graduated prescription lenses or progressive spectacle lenses. As such, they’re for when the wearer requires several different power gradients. This begins at the top of the lens for distance vision. Thereafter, it progresses down the lens. Here it corrects the sight of the wearer at different distances. The bottom of the lens is for the closest vision.  Varifical glasses can help you see the world as you should.

Varifocals are a technologically advanced version of bi-focal lenses. In Kirkham, varifocal glasses can allow you to see different distances with extreme clarity. And, with only oner pair of spectacles. Some people have two or even three pairs of glasses. This can be a nightmare. Hence, you either put on the wrong glasses or lose the pair you need. Carrying around more than one pair of spectacles can be a huge inconvenience. However, we can replace them all with one perfect pair of glasses. Schedule a consultation for an eye test and your new varifocal glasses. We’ve been providing an excellent service to all our clients since 1996.

We offer some of the finest varifocal glasses in Kirkham. Our experts spend 50% longer than the industry average on your eye test. Moreover, we use the latest equipment to get the most accurate result. Contact The Spectacle Factory today and book an appointment.  We’ll analyse your posture to make your vision more comfortable according to your natural habits. Additionally, we’ll take into account your leading eye. This improves your ability to re-focus at different distances.  And, we can have your new glasses ready for within an hour.  You also can choose from an extensive selection of frames. Not only will you see as you should, but you’ll do so in style!


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