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Varifocal Contact Lenses in Ashton on Ribble

In some cases, varifocal contact lenses in Ashton on Ribble are the better lenses to use depending on the situation. This is usually determined by the diagnosis procured after an eye test. Some people tend to have different eye ailments in each eye, making it a bit difficult to use normal lenses, whether with contact lenses or with glasses.  Though varifocal glasses are available, the counterpart contact lenses are perfect for use for those whose lifestyle demand for them. These particular lenses have been designed to correct visual issue of presbyopia, the normal loss of near focusing ability. It is mostly related to age, with people beginning to notice the effect around 40 years of age.

The Spectacle Factory specialises in these and all things eyewear, both formal and informal. In Ashton on Ribble, varifocal contact lenses use the transition between different prescriptions in a much more gradual manner than bifocal glasses, making focusing on both near and far objects a seamless venture. We’ll determine if these lenses are the perfect ones for you after a thorough 3-step consultation process that helps us understand your situation and then proceed to offer a solution that is suitable for you. The eyes are an important part of your body, just like any other part. We are here to ensure they work at optimum level so that your day-to-day life is not disrupted. We offer the highest standards of care and the most professional and friendly service to all our customers.

If you’ll need your varifocal lenses in Ashton in Ribble as soon as possible, you’ll be happy to know that it is possible for you to walk out with your new product as soon as the result has been rendered. With our on-site manufacturing and with 99% of prescriptions in stock, we can make your glasses or lenses while you wait. Contact The Spectacle Factory for top-notch lenses and glasses, suitable for all activities. We have in stock glasses perfect for reading, driving and even sports. With the latest brands in stock, you have the chance to choose a style that suits both your personality and your needs.


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