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True Luxury

Here’s what a true pair of luxury sunglasses looks like

You’ve heard of Ray-Ban. You’ve heard of Tiffany, Gucci and Prada. But you probably haven’t heard of Oxford Vaughan… and that’s kind of the point.

Rachel Carrie, competitive shooter wearing her Oxford Vaughan sunglasses

These sunglasses represent a different level of exclusivity. Just like everyone has heard of Rolex, but most probably won’t have heard of Patek Philippe, who arguably represent the pinnacle of watch craftsmanship. Oxford Vaughan is an equivalent in the world of sunglasses.

The Oxford Vaughan presentation box is a sight to behold

As you open the piano-wood box to reveal these 21kt. gold plated frames sitting on a velvet bed beside their Italian hand-stitched soft leather pouch, you know they aren’t just any old shades.

The fanciest spectacle case from the world’s top designers has nothing on this – and that’s only the start.

Each frame is hand-built in Japan with unsurpassed attention to detail

When you learn that each frame is created from a 140 stage process, you aren’t surprised. That’s what this kind of presentation – and price – represents.

Because these sunglasses cost upwards of £1000. Most people can’t justify that on a pair of shades – and I get that. However if you wanted just one pair of sunglasses, which are timeless and of sufficient quality to last you potentially forever, these should be serious candidates.

The Red Arrows squadron wearing their Oxford Vaughan sunglasses

There’s a reason why the Red Arrows, amongst many other professionals at the top of their field, choose Oxford Vaughan. Not only are the frames of the absolute highest specification; a combination of aircraft-grade titanium, gold or white gold plating and cellulose acetate, but the lenses are some of the finest on the planet.

Polarised lenses eliminate blinding glare from reflective surfaces

The Zeiss insignia in the corner of each lens symbolises the pinnacle of optical precision. The polarised Zeiss lenses in each Oxford Vaughan deliver the clearest, most glare-free vision possible. And that’s one thing that certainly sets this brand apart from other ‘luxury ranges’ – you certainly won’t find lenses of this quality from Ray-Ban etc.

Each Oxford Vaughan frame comes with its own unique serial number laser-etched onto a metal card – this represents your global warranty.

So that’s what you get when you buy a true pair of luxury sunglasses – immaculate packaging, long lasting style and the best vision possible. Are they worth it? Arguably not, but since sunglasses are an accessory we use often (or at least, we should), if you’ve got the money there are worse things to spend your money on.


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