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Thinking of a new style? Here’s how to get out of your comfort zone.

This blog is kindly provided by Adam Emblen:

“As someone who loves fashion, eyewear has always spoken out to me as a key component of your wardrobe. I can always be found in sunglasses or optical frames when indoors. I’ve been working in opticians and eyewear management for over 8 years – I’m always proud that thousands of people are wearing eyewear that I helped them to choose and knowing they wear them with pride!” Adam

Often when we are choosing glasses, we are told what our face shape is and what colours will suit us – making these the rules of choosing glasses. I’m sorry but who made these rules and why are we following them?

Yes, in some cases they might help you choose the right frame for your face – but what about the right frames for your overall style? Your personality? Your favourite colour? Often the ‘right’ frame for your face isn’t the right frame for you.

When I’m choosing frames, I have a look around and see what catches my eye. I will then ask myself why has this caught my attention? Is it the shape? Is it the colour? Is it the size? Whatever reason it may be, the best thing to do is try them on. It doesn’t matter if they look ridiculous or if they look fabulous. If you like them then that’s all that matters or if you don’t like them then at least you tried! Don’t be scared to experiment.

For me I’ve always chosen my fashion based on feeling. Often having many different feelings and moods. So this makes me choose different styles and different looks giving me variety for every day and every mood. This is why I would never just have one pair of glasses or sunglasses.

Not everyone I know is going to be like me. I often wear the wackiest kind of eyewear because I love frames, and generally being outside the box. It’s not even for the attention with me – it’s purely because I love the style and uniqueness of them. When I wear certain frames it reminds me that I am also unique and I should have the confidence to be truly myself.

If you’re someone who likes the classic kind of styles then that’s also great! That’s your style and you’re being true to yourself. What I would challenge you on is maybe changing something little. It could be the colour of the frame, it could be the shape slightly altered or going for a different material. I recently saw a pair of classic glasses but they use stingray leather! Normally I probably wouldn’t choose that frame based on the frame shape but the fact it uses such an unusual material drew me in. When you push yourself slightly out of your comfort zone that’s often where magic happens.

I’m not even just talking about eyewear but in life itself. You know a great quote that’s always stuck with me: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” as quoted by Albert Einstein. Doing something over and over again I know drives me insane. So make sure you change things up.

Something I used to always say to people when they asked me if a pair of glasses suited them is “everyone will have a different opinion, I have my personal opinion and I’m happy to give you it but how do you feel wearing them and seeing yourself? Because that’s the most important thing”

So the next time you’re choosing your glasses or sunglasses. Try to act more on how you feel when wearing them and your gut instinct. Through your feelings and gut instincts it’s got you where you are today so carry on using them and not rely on “set rules”.


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