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The New Carrera Maverick Collection

The New Carrera Maverick collection.


If you’re looking for the coolest pair of sunglasses, it’s worth taking a look at the new Maverick collection from Carrera.

Here at The Spectacle Factory, we travel the world looking for the best, most unique sunglass collections. We stock over 300 sunglasses, including many that would be considered in the top bracket of the market in terms of quality, like Maui Jim and Revo.

One of the most popular ranges I’ve found is Carrera, particularly the 6000 series (pictured below).

Carrera 6000
Carrera 6000 2

Not only is the 6000 series made in a classic shape that will never go out of style, and finished with really nice detailing on the sides, it’s also made from an incredible material called Optyl. Optyl is a memory plastic… here’s a quick video that shows what it can do:

We even stock limited edition versions of the Carrera 6000 series by Jimmy Choo, which are beautiful, one of which is pictured here:

Carrera by Jimmy Choo

I love the gold leaf leopard print detailing combined with the gold mirror on the lenses.

#Out There

New for 2016, Carrera has now introduced the Maverick collection… which represents a departure from anything they’ve done before.

Maverick 1
Maverick 2
Maverick 3

It’s clear to see that they’ve managed to produce something pretty unique. Thankfully though, they’re still very wearable. The shapes are on trend but thanks to the thinness of the material, not too bold.

They are easy to wear in more ways than one; you really have to feel them in your hand to appreciate just how light these things are. You’ll actually forget you’re wearing them… until someone tells you just how cool you look.

Obviously Jared Leto being the face of the Maverick collection brings a lot of exposure to these sunglasses, but I like the fact that unlike a lot of celebs paid to promote a brand, he does actually wear them in real life!

Jared Leto

It’s worth noting that we can produce virtually any Carrera frame in virtually any prescription. So don’t think just because you wear glasses you can’t be a Maverick too!

If you have any questions about Carrera, the new Maverick collection, or sunglasses in general, call us on 01772 312213 or tweet me @specfactory.


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