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Swift Turn Around Times for Your Emergency Glasses in Preston

No need to panic if you’ve just broken your only pair and now need emergency glasses in Preston. Or, if you are looking for an emergency pair of glasses as your current ones will not last long, you will be pleased to know that at The Spectacle Factory, we can provide you with glasses in just one hour. Accidents happen, and this is why we offer our excellent emergency glasses service to all our clients. We have our own in-house facility where we can manufacture glasses, including prescription lenses, according to your specific requirements on the same day, within an hour for the most basic lenses.

Choose our team for the many benefits we offer. In Preston, emergency glasses will be delivered to you right on time, as promised. Plus, since we have our own manufacturing facility on-site, we can do many things that normal opticians are not able to, and that too, in record time. We understand how worrisome it can be if your glasses have broken. We also understand that you would prefer to have a spare pair at your home or office.   Our team will help you choose a pair of frames that is comfortable, stylish and matches the shape of your face. One of the many perks of choosing The Spectacle Factory is that you will be offered our VIP EyeCare Scheme, which means free servicing and maintenance checks. You can also enjoy a free eye check before placing the order for your new glasses, making sure that there have been no changes in your vision.

Get your emergency glasses in Preston today. You will find a good number of frames, the best ones on the market, all at excellent prices. For more details about how we can assist you with emergency glasses, contact The spectacle Factory. We guarantee the best vision and comfortable eyewear; and we take pride in educating our patients. We use the latest technology to provide a service that is second to none.


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