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Stylish Rimless Glasses in Croston for Your Needs

One could consider rimless glasses in Croston  as a fashion statement. Rimless glasses were first designed in the late 1880s, not as a fashion statement however, but as a way to make eyeglasses more inconspicuous. These glasses were popularised by Theodore Roosevelt during his presidency. Over the years, they have become the popular choice for many politicians, scientists, professors and anyone looking for functional yet elegant eyewear. Why not combine style with functionality?

For those interested in fashion trends in Croston, rimless glasses also have added benefits. As they are lighter than full rim framed glasses, they are thus more comfortable to wear. Your peripheral vision becomes wider and clearer as the rims won’t obstruct your view. The great news is that rimless glasses suit all types of faces, and can be considered unisex, as they flatter both men and women. If you are interested in owning a pair of rimless glasses, The Spectacle Factory is the place to get perfectly fitted rimless glasses. For the highest standard of care and the most professional and friendly service, you have come to the right place. We are passionate about eyewear and believe in offering an excellent service and product to our clients. We believe in taking the time to really understand your needs and identify the perfect solution.

One of the aspects that you would need to consider when choosing rimless glasses in Croston is the appropriate lens material. The material needs to be strong as it will have to withstand being drilled through. Plastic lenses crack and break more easily, which is why they are not a good choice. The glasses we provide are all of the highest quality and meet our exacting standards. Contact The spectacle Factory if you would like to find out more about rimless glasses. Schedule an appointment and have your eyes tested. Our eye tests are 50% longer that the industry standard. This means that your eyesight is thoroughly tested and a unique prescription is compiled for you. Your prescription can be ready within the hour, so you can have your new rimless glasses as soon as possible.


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