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Rimless Glasses in Walmer Bridge

Change up your style with rimless glasses in Walmer Bridge from The Spectacle Factory. If you love the idea of barely there glasses, rimless glasses are for you. Not only will the lenses we prepare for you allow you to see better than ever before, they allow others to see you. There is nothing to distract from eyes and face. Stylish frames are great and people have a lot of fun selecting just the one for them. But if your sense of style says less is more then you will be comfortable with rimless eyewear. Choose a lightweight flexible frame and you will barely be aware you are wearing glasses at all. The rimless design assures no obstruction to peripheral vision.

You could choose rimless glasses that are round, square, rectangular or oval depending on the shape of your face. Other than that, in Walmer Bridge, rimless glasses makes eye wear shopping really simple. Rimless glasses can go from the tennis court, to the office and to the theatre and always look elegant and appropriate. All eyeglasses used to be frameless from the beginning and while they are always available, they have surges and dips in popularity. Right now there’s a long standing surge and that’s not surprising considering the new technology. There are no heavy glass lenses. At The Spectacle Factory, we carry rimless glasses made from materials that are so lightweight, they will never leave a mark on the bridge of your nose. Yet they are very sturdy and flexible.

We embrace new technology for the personalisation of rimless glasses in Walmer Bridge. Each pair is made especially for the individual, usually on the same day as their comprehensive eye exam. The lenses we use for your prescriptions are only from reputable companies that adhere to high standards. There are only two such companies that meet the standard for us. Your lenses are made on site and frequently ready the same day you order them. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your eye exam. If you only want one pair of eyewear, make them our versatile rimless glasses made to fit your face exactly and to allow you to see better than ever before.


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