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Rimless Glasses in Penwortham

Rimless glasses in Penwortham is the complete solution if you want to be stylish and still adequately fulfill your visual needs. The Spectacle Factory offers a wide range of eyewear products and popular brands, such as Pierro, Rykjavik, and Vitali which is an Italian design, that will serve your individual lifestyle and optical needs. Proper eye protection is imperative to eliminate the damage ultraviolet rays causes to your precious eyes. Whether you need sun, sport or prescription glasses, don’t let your glasses hinder your style and confidence. With 50 years combined experience amongst the highly qualified consultants, they will ensure that your individual needs are met.

In Penwortham, rimless glasses are becoming more popular as people realise the benefits of these lightweight glasses. A revolutionary new design which means no screws, no hinges and no joints. The titanium frame of the Reykjavik product range is the lightest, strongest frames ever designed. NASA astronauts are users of this rimless product line. Through education, customers are empowered and assisted to decide on the best and most suitable options in line with their specific needs as well as how to improve their vision. Customers are showed how different lenses can improve their vision by using iPad software.

Rimless glasses in Penwortham are like seeing into the future! The Spectacle Factory spends 50% more time testing your eyesight than most opticians and dedicated technicians manufacture your lenses on-site, while you wait. What’s more is the fact that you can book your appointment or change your booking online. High and strict quality control methods ensure that every pair of spectacles are produced to specification. Searching far and wide for the latest in technology and innovative solutions gives customers the peace of mind that their style will go beyond fashion. Customers will receive an annual invitation for a free service on their glasses which will involve a thorough clean using an ultrasonic bath, an extensive check as well as a readjustment if necessary. As a client of the Spectacle Factory you will benefit from free warranties, free repairs and free maintenance for life. If you would like to know more about rimless glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory.


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