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Looking for the best prescription Cycling or Running glasses in 2020?

In our recent video, we review the Julbo AERO sports frames.

“These are the best prescription cycling frames I’ve worn. I particularly like how they work for me with the prescription insert, which covers my field of vision really well compared to other brands I have tried.” Paul Whitfield

Eyewear designed for any run or ride.

Is this blog, we’re going to be taking a close look at the AERO sports frames from established French manufacturer Julbo. Julbo have been designing and making sunglasses since 1888, and you can read more on their history here: The AERO, AEROLITE and AEROSPEED models are some of their newest creations, but can they hold up against more well known brands, particularly Oakley?

We say yes. If you can look past that shiny Oakley logo and focus purely on performance, we believe these frames are the best all-round frames for running and cycling on the market in 2020.

What makes Julbo AERO frames better?

#1 – Versatile

Our favourite aspect of the Julbo AERO series is that they come with photochromic lenses. This means you can take them out in any conditions, and even if the conditions change you will always be prepared. Whether you’re in bright sun, rain, or overcast weather, these frames perform as well as any other sports frames – even those that come with interchangeable lenses. A nice little bonus is the anti-fog coating which makes them good even if it is really cold.

There are a few variations of photochromic colours to choose from, but our favourite is the rose colour which provides excellent contrast and depth perception, allowing you to judge distances more easily and react more quickly to the road ahead.

#2 Lightweight

If you want to perform at your best, you need to be able to focus on your run or your ride – and nothing else. Unnecessary distractions like if your eyewear is uncomfortable or if your glasses constantly slip or move around can really detract from what you’re doing. We love how leightweight these frames are, thanks to both the choice of materials and rimless design, whcih makes them almost feel like they aren’t there, even after wearing for a length of time. Add to that their rubberised nose pieces and temples, and the Julbo AERO frames just don’t budge.

#3 Durable

Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running🤩 📷@PeigneeVertical #julbo #julboathlete #trailrunning #chamonix — JulboEyewear (@JulboEyewear) May 25, 2020

The combination of polycarbonate or trivex lenses in Julbo AERO frames together with flexible joints makes these glasses rugged despite being lightweight. In a previous video, we put lenses made from the same material to the test, and they even survived being run over by a car! (not that this will happen to yours, we hope).

#4 Prescription Ready

If you need a pair in prescription, we’ve got you covered thanks to an attachable prescription adapter. Unlike other inserts, this one is large enough to cover your entire field of view. The advantage of the prescription adapter is that we can make your new cycling/running glasses in under an hour, for 99% of prescriptions. It also means that when your prescription changes, you can just change the insert, making them a great long-term investment.

Watch the video at the top of this page to see us demonstrate the prescription adapter.

#5 Cost Effective

With everything we’ve talked about, you might assume that the Julbo AERO frames are very expensive, but you would be wrong. They are just £199, or start from £249 with prescription, which is significantly less than other brands, where you often get a lot less for your money anyway.

You can now shop the Julbo AERO range through our online store.


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