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Rimless Glasses in Garstang

Rimless glasses in Garstang continue to grow in popularity with clients of The Spectacle Factory. The not there look you have with rimless glasses is appealing to many because there are no obstructions whether you are looking out or others are looking in. Show off your eyes and still see perfectly with glasses. There are those who love rimless glasses because they are so lightweight and others who fear losing them because they are so light. We have all been told that our glasses belong in one of two places; on our face or in the case. Real life does not work that smoothly. Some of our rimless glasses are nearly indestructible but still hard to find if unknowingly dropped. You don’t feel or hear the drop because there is no weight.

Only you know if rimless glasses are for you. In Garstang, rimless glasses are available at The Spectacle Factory. Instead of the thin lightweight arms usually selected for rimless, choose a heavier weight arm. We have many fashionable designs, solid colours and weights available. Your face is still unobstructed but the thicker arms may make you feel that the glasses are secure. Try on a few different styles and see which makes you comfortable. A benefit of rimless glasses is they never clash with anything in your wardrobe. Their versatility makes them appropriate for all events from formal to beach and everything between. Ladies, your earrings no longer must compete with your eyeglass frames to be seen.

The Spectacle has over 1000 styles of eyeglass frames including rimless glasses in Garstang. Contact The Spectacle Factory today for more about our rimless glasses. Before you choose your frames take advantage of our extensive eye exam that exceeds the scope of most other optometrists. The lens itself and how accurately it is prescribed and made is the priority. The Spectacle Factory uses the latest technology for both eye exams and lens work. Our guarantee is that you will see more clearly and sharply in glasses prescribed by us than you have ever seen with glasses before. The lenses are made on site while you wait. Use the time to find the perfect rimless glasses for your face.


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