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Rimless Glasses in Buckshaw Village

Rimless glasses in Buckshaw Village may be your solution if you are not comfortable choosing from one of our thousand frame selections at The Spectacle Factory. Rimless glasses are awesome because they do not distract from your face at all. It’s like you’re not even wearing glasses. Rimless are easy to wear too because they are so lightweight you can barely feel them on your face. So, if you are opposed to wearing glasses for whatever reason, you will love our rimless selections. Our objective at The Spectacle Factory is for our clients to achieve the best possible vision; sharp and clear. We go to great lengths with our extended eye exams and precision lenses so vision clients see better than ever before.

Once we have the prescription and lenses individually perfected we help clients select the frame that makes them feel confident and attractive. For some in Buckshaw Village, rimless glasses are their best choice. The lenses are held by the bridge and temple components so you get that barely there look. Naturally, a little more care is required handling rimless glasses to avoid damaging them. Rimless glasses is a timeless style dating back to the mid 1800’s and while they’ve never gone out of style there are decades when they have been more popular than others. Today, rimless glasses are made from nearly weightless titanium with polycarbonate lenses. They are very popular, especially among celebrities.

As the leading opticians, The Spectacle Factory will fit your rimless glasses in Buckshaw Village to perfection of comfort and security. The rimless lenses come in many shapes and sizes so you can select a style that suits you. The round lenses are often called “granny glasses” or Steve Jobs glasses and they look great on some. Others will prefer an oval or even square lens depending on the shape of the face. Contact The Spectacle Factory and make an appointment for an eye exam and new rimless glasses. You will see the best you’ve ever seen but with rimless glasses you may also see more than you’ve ever seen because there are no frames to break into your line of vision.


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