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Rimless Glasses in Bamber Bridge

Rimless glasses in Bamber Bridge are regarded as trendy and modern. An interesting fact about rimless glasses is that it is not a modern trend, and was actually borrowed from the late 19th century. Think of the rimless monocle, then the prince-nez, and now, rimless glasses. Their delicate look leads one to believe that only worn by people who need minor vision corrections. This is untrue, as people with minor to stronger prescriptions can enjoy these glasses in a lens shape of their preference.

Rimless glasses are simple and sleek to wear. In Bamber Bridge, rimless glasses are worn for a number of different reasons. They won’t obscure your facial features. Most of your face is exposed and the glasses are less obvious. They are also one of the most lightweight glasses available. As you don’t feel their weight, as you would other types of glasses, wearing them is more comfortable for longer periods of time. Traditional frames can sometimes interfere with your peripheral vision, but with rimless glasses, your peripheral vision is unobstructed. And for some, the most important reason is how they look. Rimless glasses certainly provide a more professional look, which in turn can increase your self-confidence.  With many advantages over traditional framed glasses, rimless glasses have increased in popularity.

Rimless glasses in Bamber Bridge can be a fashion statement. If you are interested in changing your current eyewear for a pair of trendy rimless glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory today. We offer a professional, friendly and expert service. Speak to us about scheduling a time for a consultation to have your eyesight checked. We use the latest equipment to get the most accurate results possible. This includes using VisuReal software on our in-store iPads. This assists you in choosing the lens type best suited for your needs.  The lens type chosen can affect things like the clarity of your peripheral vision, and the sharpness of your night vision. We will also analyse you using a sophisticated measuring system. This includes your posture, your leading eye and the position of the lens on your face.


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