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Reading Glasses in Walmer Bridge

Reading glasses in Walmer Bridge make an appearance on your to-do list usually between the ages of 40 to 50. You may notice yourself holding reading material closer to your nose each year. The computer becomes your preferred choice, not just for work, but for reading books and the daily news because you can enlarge the font to your comfort level. Gradually you realise you are unable to read and write at the same time. It’s common practice at that point to pick up a pair of cheap cheaters or reading glasses at the local shop. They magnify the print so you can see it more clearly. You may not realise it right off, but likely the print looks a little fuzzy around the edges with the cheap readers and prolonged reading or writing may cause headaches and unusually tired eyes.

You don’t always get what you pay for and even the higher priced reading glasses may still be cheaply and carelessly made. For clients in Walmer Bridge, reading glasses are made with the same professionalism as prescription lenses. The prescription must be accurate and the lenses completely distortion free so what you see is crisp and sharp. We will give you an eye exam to determine the exact magnification needed for you to read print or perform close work comfortably. When we make lenses, we take the extra steps and use the best lens materials to assure clarity, sharp focus and excellent contrast. You will learn exactly where your most comfortable reading distance is so it will soon become second nature.

The reading glasses in Walmer Bridge we make for you will relieve the strain and stress of trying to find a spot where you can read the print. For ageing eyes we also recommend daylight type reading lamps to let more light in. You will see to read better with your new readers  than you do moving the font size to 150 on your computer. For many, reading glasses are a necessary accessory so you’ll find fabulous frames and accessories for keeping your glasses handy. Contact The Spectacle Factory and schedule your appointment for vision screening for reading glasses. You may have wonderful distance vision but just need a little help with close work. You might want to get 2 pairs; they’re easily misplaced.

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