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Reading Glasses in Hutton

Do you know the signs that indicate you need reading glasses in Hutton? At The Spectacle Factory, we often get customers who need reading glasses. The condition is known as presbyopia. It typically develops after the age of 40.  It is a part of the ageing process. The first sign is when you hold up reading material, you play the trombone with it. This is where you bring the material towards your face and back to adjust the distance. The second sign which indicates the need for reading glasses is the need for brighter lighting. Even though you’ve turned on all the lights, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Did you know that a 60-year-old need three times as much light compared to a 20 year old? Another common sign is persistent headaches. Pain just behind the eyes is a clear indication of presbyopia. Lastly, do you find your eyes get tired, heavy or you fall asleep while reading or working at the computer? If yes, then you might need reading glasses.

For people in Hutton, reading glasses and other vision supporting wear can be obtained from The Spectacle Factory. If you’re suffering from any of the issues mentioned above, our reading glasses can quickly help you look and function better. This is not a complex problem. Rather most people above the age of 40 have this difficulty, yet they ignore it. This will weaken your eyesight even further. Apart from wearing appropriate eyewear, we recommend observing the 20:20:20 rule. If you’re working away on your laptop, tablet or computer, look away for 20 minutes, at an object that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. In case it is determined that you do require reading glasses, rest assured our opticians will ensure you are fitted with a pair that suits your facial structure and personality.

If you’re having a hard time reading your messages, get reading glasses in Hutton. To book an appointment, or to find out more about our reading glasses, contact The Spectacle Factory. A comprehensive eye exam is the best way to determine the level of support required by your eyes.


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