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Ranking the world’s TOP Designer Glasses

Updated: Apr 17

In 2022, one of our most popular videos saw the creation of the ‘tier list’ – where Robert ranked some of the most popular frame brands from all over the world according to several categories:

‘Legendary’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Great’, ‘Meh’ and the now infamous ‘Luxottica’.

Watch the video and see if you agree with our picks!

Over 400 people have commented so far to react to our ratings, as well as to ask about some of their own favourite brands which might not have been featured. From ‘Legendary’ to ‘Luxottica’, here’s how those tiers were populated:


Whilst the brands were not rated in any particular order, histroic brand Cazal was our first pick to go in the ‘Legendary’ category. One of the most influential brands of all time, Cazal was almost singularly responsible for people, particularly in the Hip-Hop scene of the 70s and 80s, embracing eyewear as a true fashion accessory.

Jacques Marie Mage and LA Eyeworks, two other cult eyewear brands crafted of the highest quality, who make arguably the best acetate frames in the world, joined the list, as well as Moscot and J F Rey, who have created almost their own completely unique looks within frame styling over the years.

Cartier was of course included, the only ‘mainstream’ brand to achieve legendary status. One of the most premium eyewear collections, Cartier glasses are made from luxury materials such as Gold, Platinum, Wood and Buffalo Horn. This makes them incredibly special in addition to the iconic label.

Maui Jim were stated by Robert to be the world’s best ‘off the shelf’ sunglasses, and Reykjavik Eyes are always rated by him as the world’s best glasses, so those two brands rounded off the list.


At the other end of the scale, you might be wondering why the bottom tier was labelled ‘Luxottica’. Well, we would recommend to watch the video to find out!

In this tier, you’ll find the ‘designer’ brands which are owned by huge eyewear manufacturers and don’t represent good quality or value for money (in Robert’s opinion).

Tom Ford, Ray Ban, Persol and Oliver People’s found their way into this tier, although sadly there could have been many more – we don’t tend to focus on bad glasses.


The following brands were rated as highly recommended by Robert, although not deemed to be particularly special:

Randolph Engineering (producers of great military style aviator sunglasses), MODO (who make excellent titanium styles), Anglo American Optical (one of the world’s most historic eyewear brands), Walter & Herbert (classic British styling), Face a Face (fabulous Parisian artistry), Gucci, Porsche Design and Gast (considered by Robert to be one of the best value eyewear brands ever).


When making his selections, Robert was judging the brands based on quality, style, originality and influence. The ‘Meh’ category was reserved for frame brands he respected, but didn’t get excited by.

Only 4 brands found their way into this list: Oakley, Silhouette, Hugo Boss and Carrera.


And then finally, we have the ‘Amazing’ category. Since it’s primarily amazing eyewear which we feature on our channel, this tier was actually the most populated.

Lucas de Stael was the first to be added here – incredible frames crafted by hand from unusual materials such as leather and stone. They were followed up by Cutler & Gross (another quintessentially British brand) and Eco Eyewear (arguably the world’s most sustainable eyewear collection).

McLaren Vision are a new brand to the eyewear market, but instantly made their way into the amazing category. Just check out some of our videos on them this year to find out why.

Flair make arguably the best rimless frames in the world, so they were an each choice. As were Robert la Roche and Barton Perreira, for their incredible acetate frames.

Finally, rival stainless steel brands from Germany, Mykita and IC! Berlin, rounded off the list.



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